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    Level 1 charger question

    Any J1772 charger should work. 1700 watts = 14.2 amps at 120 volts. This is safe for continuous use on a 20 amp circuit, but too much for a 15 amp circuit.
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    MAP update in 2021 SL plus

    Get a smart phone and download Waze.
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    A cabin air filter came in the mail

    I used to have a BMW 328ic that had a very difficult to change cabin air filter. I bought it used and the old filter looked like I was the first to change it.
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    Tire maintenance and Other

    I don't rotate tires on a schedule. If the front tires are worn more than the rear, I rotate them. Tire pressure should be checked at least weekly.
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    Someone is blowing smoke.

    They dumb down what they say to the consumers. I'm pretty sure Nissan dumbs down what they tell the service people. It is also likely that the service manager does not know what he is talking about. Get LeafSpy.
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    Strange uneven tire wear

    You should rotate tires front to back, but not left to right. Are you keeping your tires on the same side when you rotate them? I keep my tires at 36 psi because that is the Nissan recommendation. But the symptom you describe does not sound like over inflation.
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    Amperage to charge for Level 2

    When I use the unit that came with my 2021 Leaf, it uses up to 32 amps at 240 volts or 12 amps at 120 volts. If I were to plug it into a 20 amp 240 volt circuit, it would still draw up to 32 amps until the breaker trips. I use a 40 amp circuit. A 50 amp circuit would work the same, but I might...
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    Air conditioning 'compressor' or 'condenser' problem

    Regular servicing of air conditioning on an ICE car is probably a good idea. Their compressors are driven by a belt. The shaft seals can leak. The Leaf air conditioner has the air conditioner motor and compressor together, like on your refrigerator. It does not need the same maintenance as an...
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    Car always moving when not in e-pedal mode

    When not in e-pedal mode, it emulates an ICE car with automatic transmission. In e-pedal mode, it drives like an electric car should and uses regeneration to slow down.
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    Part Wanted Looking for 120 volt charger

    Go to Amazon or Ebay and search for J1772 level 1 charger. It does not need to be Nissan, the public chargers aren't. The level 1 (120 volt) chargers are less expensive than the level 1,2 (120 or 240 volt) chargers.
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    Bought a 2015 leaf with 21k miles on it cheap. Have some questions

    The 12 volt system does all the control functions. The little battery under the hood is a lead acid battery that will sulfate if it sits for a long period. If the battery sat for four years, it needs to be replaced.
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    FREE 16" LEAF Spare Tire

    You are very generous. What size is the tire? Where are you located?
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    disconnect battery while away 3 months?

    It doesn't have a starter. It doesn't need to crank anything. But it does use the 12 volt system for control. Nothing works without it. My daughter got a notebook sized solar panel that plugs into the car (not a Leaf). I found that there was leakage when it was dark that was more than the...
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    Nissan leaf crashed on parking lot concrete beam

    The battery is water cooled. Did you check your coolant level? Did you see any leakage? If you can't see damage and everything works, I think you are OK.
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    DTC Traction Motor System

    Yes, 11.8 volts is low. If it were my car, I would connect my 12 volt charger and monitor the battery voltage for a few days. Like the battery in an ICE car, the Leaf only charges the battery when it is turned on. Then it charges it gently. If the car sits for a long time, a lead acid battery...
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    2012, P311c and P3176 after replacing PTC fuse.

    The inverter has a very large capacitor. If this is not charged before the contactor closes, you would have excessive contactor wear and maybe it would weld shut. The precharge resistor provides low current to charge the capacitor before the contactor closes. The controller requires that the...
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    DTC Traction Motor System

    The 14 volt problem might be causing the other two problems. Can you measure the 12 volt battery voltage? If you have a 12 volt charger, you should use it and see if it helps. Are the lights dim after you turn off the car? The 12 volt (or 14 volt) system is used for control and everything...
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    Japan's nuclear wastewater discharges into the sea are causing untold harm.

    The original post is very short on specifics. He says it is really really bad, yet it passes regulatory scrutiny. He quotes how many tons of water is discharged, but tons of water is not a problem. He does not mention the amount of radioactive materials involved or the concentrations.
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    Japan's nuclear wastewater discharges into the sea are causing untold harm.

    Stupid anti-nuclear disinformation. There is no reason to believe that discharge would harm anything. If you are so concerned, why don't you hide from the sun, it emits more radiation.