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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    This is emerging as a problem in Pennsylvania. The main problem is that a system built on collecting gas taxes to support infrastructure cannot deal with EV's. This leads to massive unfairness, as a gas-sipping Prius might pay 1/4 as much per mile as an EV. EV Fees are geared to fleet...
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    Buying a 2019 SL Plus

    We bought our 2019 SV plus new (wanted the safety features) and have 40k miles on it. It has been largely trouble free. There is an issue with tires - Tires on a new Nissan last only last 25-30K. Are they willing to put new tires on it? Our only maintenance issue has been alignment. Needed it...
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    Newbie Leaf shopping

    Have had a 2019 Leaf and it is a dependable workhorse. Do almost all driving locally, so charging on the road is not an issue. The ChaDEmo standard will, like betamax, go extinct sooner than later, so make sure you are not planning on taking your LEAF on the road much for longer trips. I have...
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    62kwh Leaf Plus Efficiency Posting

    We purchased a 2019 Leaf SV Plus in September. We live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the Mid-Atlantic and store and charge the car in our garage. Our Efficiency since purchase is as follows: Month / Miles / Mi/Kwh October / 572 / 4.2 November / 784 / 3.8 December / 775 / 3.3 January / 468 /...