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    New owner - 2014 LEAF SL - New to EV's

    I got my Leaf in June, 2020 and had to put tires on it right away. Chose Nokian all-weather WR4-G. I'm not a hyper-miler nor a lead foot - during the 1st summer or first 4k miles got 5.4 mi/kWh with less during winter. After four years and 20k miles they were worn down enough to replace, had...
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    100 kW Charging

    In my 2017 Leaf I once tried to use a 150 kW Chademo Charge Point charger because the two 50 kW Chademo units were occupied. It would turn on after the exchange for about 2 seconds, so wasn't allowed by the car to possibly charge that fast.
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    Now I'm getting nervous...

    I really love my 2017 Leaf S (30 kWh). It has been 100% reliable, meets my retired needs perfectly, and feels good to drive it for all the reasons. Maybe I just got lucky? I did a lot of research about EVs and then models. Once I figured the Leaf was the right car to meet my needs, I looked...
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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    I do love my LEAF ! Over the decades I kept hoping some car manufacturer would get the EV job done. Then Obama worked with Think (from Norway) and I was happy -- I maybe could afford a used one some day. But that went down the drain. Then the Leaf began in 2011 and a friend bought a 2012. So in...
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    keeping the car warm all night

    Yes, at least until I can see it does not. It was only down to Zero F last might and we are most of the way thru January. Maybe in February we will have a couple of seriously cold nights ! ? ! And when I say battery heater I mean the pad in the traction battery pack. Now I wonder if the...
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    keeping the car warm all night

    I am now seriously going to test the battery when it goes to minus 20 F. I will not put my heater in place and note whether the pack looses any miles overnight. JohnP.
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    keeping the car warm all night

    KnightMB, You have been using the term "Cold Weather Package" and because my original sticker doesn't show that, I have been referring to it as the "Battery Heater". You are correct that if my car was so equipped the sticker would say "CWP". But I never dreamed Nissan would manufacture a Leaf...
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    keeping the car warm all night

    Well I can only tell you what I was told by a Nissan USA tech and the tech people at the Nissan dealer in Topsham, Maine. They said "If the original window sticker does not show a battery heater in the Options then the car doesn't have it." My leaf is a 2017 S with 30 kWh pack and went to a...
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    keeping the car warm all night

    KnightMB, you are generally correct but my Leaf came from So. California (via Carvana) and the original window sticker does not show a battery heater in the options. If you read the manual closely it always says "if so equipped" when talking about the heater. I have never seen any sign of...
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    keeping the car warm all night

    I'm retired and live in mid-Maine with a 2017 Leaf S. As I understand my car there is zero traction battery heating or cooling - nothing to help in any situation. Two decades ago I could not have owned an EV like the Leaf because the weather was too frigid - cold spells that lasted 10 or 12 days...