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    Recommend Tesla to J1772 adapters?

    LaTough J1772 EVs Adapter, TSL to J1772 Charger Adapter Fit All J1772 "Works every time"
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    2018 leaf, not seen this problem on internet

    I would do something simple and keep handy NOCO Boost GB40 Jump Starter
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    2018 Leaf won't charge

    You may have a bad inverter?
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    2018 Leaf won't charge

    Did you try both DC and L2 charging?
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    2014 Axle Nut Torque and Washer Orientation
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    Charging problems

    So how have you been charging the car?
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    My first road trip

    I have made several trips requiring a large range of charge uncertainty. Never rely on any single charger working when you get to it. Useful tools to find charger ahead of your trip are charge finder and...
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    Charging problems

    Are we talking Level 2 charging vs fast charging?
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    USA CCS1 to ChaDeMo test…

    Every time I plug L2 in I see 12 volt house battery jump over 13 volts and drift down.
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    Considering a 2015 Leaf S

    I would wait until you can find something with the 40 kilowatt battery. There is a reason these cars a dropping in price. You still have to pay registration and insurance on a car nearly 10 years old that will nickel and dime you to death.
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    Long Term Leaf Storage

    "When the EV system is off for an extended time, the 12-volt battery may be automatically charged for a short period of time on a regular basis."
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    Rattling noise when driving

    You might buy a can of silicone spray and apply it to some points of the suspension to see if you can change the frequency of the sound and maybe check the drive train by jacking it up and feeling any difference left side vs right side?
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    Chadoem to CCS

    The trick in making more stops is that you never spend a lot of time in any single spot. The advantage of the smaller battery is the car handles better. No problem doing 70 on I 10 getting around the big trucks.CHADEMO is a mixed blessing. Can be hard to locate the ones that work but not a...
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    Chadoem to CCS

    I would not take the old 2015 because that battery was too small but the larger 40 kilowatt which is closer to 37 works ok particularly if you're in no hurry and not on any schedule. During the 15 minute intervals that I am charging I am using the time to double check the next stop ahead...
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    Chadoem to CCS

    "For a Leaf with limited range you should in general not be using it for long trips anyways," I Have to disagree. I agree that it is a bit of a challenge to drive long distances but not sure it makes any difference in battery life. 100k miles driving long distances is the same as 100k...
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    Changing out the 12V battery in a 2018 Leaf: any gotchas?

    "self-heating technology inside warms battery during charging in extreme cold conditions as an extra layer of protection." Not something I would want. Just get the AGM and one of these bad boys instead...
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    How to monitor the 12V battery's health?

    I am not sure this is a real problem since the battery is quite small, current load is low and the battery is not enclosed in a small area.. The only thing I am certain of is that every time I charge the big lithium batteries and every time I start the car the house 12 volt battery goes through...