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    Brakes Fail upon Powering On

    I've had the issue. Once last year, at -25dC (very cold). Started the car, and realized something wrong. Same thing as the videos on this thread. Second time last week. I drove to some errand, one hour got out to non-functional brakes. It was -8dC this time, and I was parked in the sun, so much...
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    Fixed a P0AA6 code

    Quick update, I was terribly wrong. My issue was due to the Battery Connectors; the aluminium block behind them was flaking off due to corrosion, and some oxidized aluminium and moisture crept into the battery, touching the connectors high voltage pins. I have made a very bad video about the...
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    Automatic headlights - Stalk & sensor transplant into an S

    Quick post: I Just proceeded with the upgrade, and it works. From a 2015 Leaf SV Took the stalks and sensor from a 2011 Murano with auto light. My Leaf had the harness for the sensor already in place The new stalks fitted without issues Then used Leaf Spy Pro to activate, again, without issues...
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    Fixed a P0AA6 code

    Hello fellow Leafers, I just fixed a 2015 Leaf with code P0AA6 "EV/HV Hybrid Batt Volt Sys Isolation". TLDR: It was the 12V battery ground harness. Too much rust in the connection it seems. Purchased the car with the problem, figuring I could surely fix this. First of, I followed the service...
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    Onboard charger capacitors failed

    Any update? I'm really interested to know if it worked!