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    Any reason not to buy 20/21 62kwh Leaf (UK)

    Hi Liam I installed a Zappi charger and they get excellent write-ups With regard to which tarrif to go with , I think the choice is between Octopus and - The Eon tarrif gives you off peak between midninght and 7:00am to 7 hours at 9.05pence per KwH makes charging a Tekna simple and...
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    Nissan Leaf Sat Nav issues.

    Hi - driving Dec 2020 Leaf E+ Tekna in Uk - 62KwH Battery - 15,000 miles approx. Having issues with SatNav wrongly reporting insufficient range. See attached photos - car had 115 miles range approx - planned SatNav route home ( 71 miles) and system reported I would only have 1% battery left when...