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    Hard Lesson for Wife - Don't Run Down the 12V Battery

    15 volts seems a little high to me if you're using a LiFePO4 12V battery. Maximum voltage for a LiFePO4 cell is 3.65V and there should be 4 cells in series. 15V / 4 = 3.75V. I suppose it'll be fine though as long as the LiFePO4 12V battery is depleted and the 15V jump starter is only a small...
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    Replace old cell with new cell

    Air is not too bad for removing heat, IF the air is moving. But the Leaf battery is encased in a partially vacuum sealed metal case, so there isn't much air in there and it's not moving. So yes, effectively an insulator. I don't have a link handy, but there exists a youtube video of Lucid...
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    So, owners what range are you getting ?

    November + December: closed out the year with 5.4mi/kWh average. Haven't had to use heat or A/C at all. Did use the window defrost a couple times briefly. January so far my average is 5.7mi/kWh. One new strategy I've tried is to be really careful not to burn excess energy during the...
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    Putting in sun screen caused dead 12 V battery

    Yup. And it's worse than that -- if the EVSE is plugged into the car, it slowly drains the 12V battery unless you're actually charging. That vampiric drain on the 12V battery is why I never use the charging timer feature and always pull the EVSE out of my car as soon as it finishes charging. I...
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    Help me spread the word about Nissan's unethical battery warranty program.

    If the battery packs are in such short supply, maybe Nissan should open source their LBC BMS firmware and/or release technical documentation for all the CAN bus messages to help spur third party battery pack development. Right now, Nissan basically has a tight monopoly on Leaf battery packs...
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    So, owners what range are you getting ?

    Update: during the hottest months of this past summer, my monthly averages dropped down to 5.1 mi/kWh. I started carrying around 4x or 5x 1L frozen water bottles instead of 3x. A/C always on, but still too hot, so I took jjeff's idea and started putting one bottle behind my back. Not the most...
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    So, owners what range are you getting ?

    I think the article is largely full of it. My Leaf's GOM is always grossly wrong and it's totally obvious. In the Tesla, the GOM is a lot less grossly wrong. I don't notice any huge estimation adjustment at 50% SOC. If the Tesla is lying, it spreads the correction out pretty subtly over the...
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    So, owners what range are you getting ?

    My lead-acid battery was begining to fail, likely due to a small internal short, so that made the difference profound in my case. I remember sitting at a stop light, not moving, and watching my state of charge percentage number slowly counting downward. It doesn't do that anymore. If your...
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    So, owners what range are you getting ?

    I just drop two in the center console cup holders and one in the driver side door before departing, then put them back in a freezer as soon as I arrive at my destination. If it's really hot, I might drop an extra one in the passenger side door. My commute is short enough that they don't really...
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    So, owners what range are you getting ?

    5.2 mi/kWh average (as measured by the dash). My commute is 18.9 miles (one way) at 46 mph. Tires inflated to 42 psi made the biggest improvement in efficiency. I shift to Neutral for coasting at zero power when it makes sense, shift between D/B modes when those make sense, and use cruise...
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    What happens if you push the Park button while moving?

    Good luck with that. I bought the CLUB and used it for several years until I found out just how easily it can be defeated. And I wasn't even trying.
  12. K

    What happens if you push the Park button while moving?

    Yikes. That P (self destruct mode) button seems to be in a really poor location IMO. :shock: :o If I'm shifting into N to coast for more energy savings (and subsequently shift into D/B more often), there is a chance I might accidently hit that P button in the middle of the shifter joystick...
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    What happens if you push the Park button while moving?

    What happens if you push the Park mode button while the car is moving? What does the Park button do anyway? Does it actually physically engage some type of movement locking mechanism? Or is it just another software mode like D/B/R modes?
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    Use of B Mode

    I use B mode a lot, but I try to switch things up and press the friction brake pedal as hard as possible from time to time. Usually before I even start my trip, or when I'm bored waiting at a stop light. Just making sure everything is still fully functional over there. Moving parts that don't...
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    Why is e-pedal so detrimental to efficiency?

    It took me a while to get the hang of using neutral, but wow, you're right. This coasting in neutral can make for some very impressive efficiency gains. I managed a max of 7 mi/kWh on my normal 19 mile one-way trip (slightly downhill direction, maxxed 5 mi/kWh on the uphill direction), never got...
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    Why is e-pedal so detrimental to efficiency?

    I've noticed on my 2013 Leaf in B-mode (haven't really used D-mode to know if it does the same), I seem to get energy savings by turning on cruise control to maintain current speed when compared to trying to maintain current speed with the accelerator pedal, no matter how hard I try to hold the...
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    Replacing 12V Battery with LiFePO4 (Video)

    I parked my Leaf for 4 days and returned to a dead 12V lead acid battery (and it was only 2 years old). Started reading about everybody having such a good time with LiFePO4 batteries and decided to get one. I bought an "ECO-WORTHY 12V 30Ah 360 Wh 7.2 lbs LiFePO4" battery on sale at eBay for...