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    Replacing NissanConnectEV with OVMS in a Gen1 Leaf

    First off I'd like to thank Stanton for his OVMS posts. I didn't even know this item existed until I came across his threads. Thanks again!!! _______________________________________________________ So I purchased, set up, and tested out OVMS before finalizing exactly where I was going to hide...
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    LED Map Light Replacement!

    I purchased a 2014 Nissan Leaf SV with ~50k miles in March for economical transportation to and from work. It replaced my 2001 Toyota Echo 5-speed that died with 220k miles on the clock. I have read tons about these cars and started on the modifications I require for it to fit my needs. A...
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    Tesla to J1772 Adaptor

    I bought the ShockFlo adapter on Amazon. Right now it's $79.99 and there's also a 10% coupon
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    Tesla to J1772 Adaptor

    If you were talking to me, I don't have a Tesla. Just a Tesla EVSE (I likely, mistakenly, called it a "charger" in my previous post).
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    Tesla to J1772 Adaptor

    I picked up one of these adapters. Partially, like a few others in this thread have said, as insurance (a just-in-case scenario). But the main reason is that my daughter won a raffle at Hot Bins for a Lectron L1/L2 tesla EVSE. :shock: I keep the Tesla EVSE with adapter in my Leaf, the...