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    HOW-TO: 2018 Leaf ZE1 OEM headunit replacement (7" -> 8")

    Tried two units now, both 25915-5SN0C on a JDM 2018 LEAF with 360 AVM Cameras and Pro-Pilot, and unfortunately no luck getting the units to fully function. Unit 1 - 08/2019 build (unk trim) with firmware 283C32311E Unit 2 - 04/2019 build Tekna trim with firmware 283C39344R Confirmed wiring...
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    HOW-TO: 2018 Leaf ZE1 OEM headunit replacement (7" -> 8")

    Boy what a frustrating experience this all is lol Car - JDM ZE1 2018 G Grade (top spec), non Bose with pro-pilot, 360 deg, Intelligent Rear view etc Purchased head Unit 25915-5SN0C, made the harness and Integrated the Zelamir board into it. Results so far, It's definitely a Bose Unit...
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    Seat Bottom Mod For More Thigh Support

    Any further on this one? Looking to do the mod to my 2018 soon (Cheers Shimstack for the update for the ZE1). Anyone figured out if lowering the seat is possible?