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    ZEO battery in AZE0

    Is there a way to to install at ZE0 battery in a AZE0? I am upgrading my 24KWh battery in my 2011 Nissan Leaf with a 24KWh battery from a wrecked 2015. I still have the wrecked AZE0, but I wanted to see about getting it to move again. When I am done with the upgrade I will have a ZE0 24KWh...
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    Battery Downgrade - ZE0 Battery installed in AZEO

    Dear All, I am a new member and I have two Nissan Leafs. I have a 2011 ZE0 that I will be upgrading to a gen 2 battery soon. I also have a wrecked 2015 AZE0. The airbag deployed, and the front bodywork was crunched heavily along with the core support. It may be apparent that I am putting the...