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    Battery percentage drops erratically on acceleration

    the 40kwh battery is about 2+ years old. What does the dealership do to fix the problem?
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    Battery percentage drops erratically on acceleration

    I have a 2017 with a 40kw (replacement) battery. I just noticed this issue, I was driving on the freeway at 77%, 10 miles into the trip, and I saw the battery drop to 20% miles. I had to find an L3 charger nearby before I completed the last 18 miles of my trip. Is Nissan acknowledging there...
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    Clicking noise during acceleration and decceleration

    Thanks! The job took 15 min, no more clicking.
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    Clicking noise during acceleration and decceleration

    Thanks but it specifically stated it was for 2013 Leaf. I couldn't see anywhere in the TSB what the spec should be for other Nissans. IMPORTANT (for 2013 LEAF only): Install the washer. Tighten the center Lock Nut to 121 N•m (12.3 kg-m, 89 ft-lb) with a torque wrench. If the center Lock Nut...
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    Clicking noise during acceleration and decceleration

    Hi - I have everything needed to work on NTB12-055J on my 2017 Nissan Leaf. Before I started, I wanted to find the torque needed to install the new axle nut. I researched but couldn't find the torque needed for the 2017 leaf. Any help is appreciated!
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    wiring stock microphone to replacement stereo

    All the research I have done on using any stock mic for an aftermarket radio says that it is possible, but it's a pain. You have the splice the wires of the stock mic and wire it to the aftermarket connector
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    2016 30KW Battery warranty trouble or success?

    Congrats on your approved battery replacement. You will be very happy with the 40kwh battery. Mine was replaced in May of 2021 on a 2017 Leaf, I consistently get 150 miles on a full charge. You will love it.
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    2017 Leaf battery warranty

    Southern California, La Puente Nissan
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    2017 Leaf battery warranty

    The dealership said they have to keep the wrong battery because it was already installed. They couldn't send it back to Nissan. Nissan just ate the cost of both batteries and labor. I am not sure what they did with the other battery.
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    2017 Leaf battery warranty

    Final Update: After 4 weeks I finally picked up my Leaf with 40 kwh battery. Nissan sent the wrong battery for my replacement, that is why it was receiving a master error code. I had to wait for another replacement battery to arrive. It cost Nissan $34,200 (they showed me the bill) for...
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    2017 Leaf battery warranty

    Thank you for the responses. I will let everyone know how it works out in two months. Update: The Nissan dealership has had my Leaf for 4 days going on 5 days. I am not sure what is taking so long for the battery replacement. Update 2: The dealership still has my car going on 2 weeks...
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    2017 Leaf battery warranty

    Hi All, last week my 2017 Leaf finally lost its 4th bar with 64,000 miles and, I brought it to the dealership. The good news, the 30kw batter is under warranty and qualifies for replacement under warranty. The bad news, it will take up to two months for Nissan to ship the replacement battery...
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    First Capacity Bar Loss And What To Expect

    I own a 2017 Leaf S, I saw my first bar drop within the first year of ownership at 18,875 miles. It was very depressing when I saw that, at that rate within 3 more years I wouldn't be able to take this car to work and back round trip on a full charge. My round trip to work and back is 75...
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    LED Headlight kit 2017 Leaf SV

    Yes, they are both low and high beam
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    LED Headlight kit 2017 Leaf SV

    They are fanless. I bought ones with fans and found them too noisy for an EV doesn't make noise. They plug directly into the headlight connector.
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    LED Headlight kit 2017 Leaf SV

    I bought the same Auxbeam and returned them, the fans were louder than the whole car. I ended up buying Gear Up LED Headlight Conversion Kit, H13 I couldnt get the bulb and the wire connectors to all fit...
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    WAY over complicated!!

    After much research, I went with the Siemens EVSE. Recieved good ratings, looked nice an had a holder for the charging gun. I installed and satisfied with the results. For me paying a 'little' more isn't a concern since I should have it for years.
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    2013+ S, SV Headlight Aiming Adjustment

    Ok I played with it and its the blue knob that you need an allen wrench to adjust, it controls the vertical aiming of the headlights for halogen H13 headlights.
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    Post Your Order Details Here

    Southern California Nissan Leaf S White w/Quick Charge MSRP $34,554 (i think) -$10,706 in rebates and discount Out the door $26,090 -$7500 Fed tax credit -$2500 State rebate in the end final price $16,090 Then qualified for 0% APR, so didnt need to put a down payment. Enjoying the Leaf so far.
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    The official "I got my Leaf" thread

    I just bought a white 2017 Leaf S in Southern California. So far so good installed a Siemens EVSE in the garage. I am enjoying it so far, but I never knew how rude other drivers are to electric vehicles..