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    Aftermarket rims and tires 2018 s

    What brand of rims please?
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    Holiday LEAF Gift Ideas

    Just for the fun of resurrecting a 6 year old thread :D Any new gift ideas for the LEAF owner?
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    Looking for a small portable DCFC

    You're right, it does look the same - at first in that thread I only saw the picture on the last page that looks completely different. I wonder if EVSEAdapters has modified it at all, or if they simply import and back with their warranty to alleviate the 'random chinese quick charger' stigma :D
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    Looking for a small portable DCFC

    Sorry to revive this thread from the dead, but I came across the EVSE Adapters portable DCFC, and searched to see if it had been posted about yet. This is what the site says: Link: EVSEAdapters Portable DCFC
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    Official Tesla Model 3 thread

    The Model 3 has no nose cone!
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    No nose cone on the Model 3!

    Just watching the reveal, there is no nose cone, doesn't look to bad also!
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    Chevrolet Bolt & Bolt EUV

    It's official now. No timeline, but GM is saying $30K and more than 200 miles!" onclick=";return false;
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    Mercedes C350 PHEV - 19 EV miles, on sale March 2015

    The Benz C-350 is confirmed for deliver to German dealers in March 2015" onclick=";return false; In Germany, the C350 plug-in is €50,961.75 for the Saloon (sedan) version and €52,627.75 for the Estate...
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    Official Mercedes B-class EV thread

    Thanks for doing the calculations on this! I see it made its way over to the B-Class EV Forum" onclick=";return false;
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    LEAF wreck. Oh, the horror!

    Is that a 100% electric / license plate frame on the front?
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    Read this before starting a new thread

    Don't you mean back off topic since this topic wasn't about the broken search? :D Google and Bing are 2 separate companies with different ideas, so of course your results will be different.
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    wow that was a fast response!
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    test post
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    The Crisis at Nissan

    Looks like a post created on that forum just so they could post here and get a link back to their forum?!
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    Sold : Nissan Maxima '98

    you gotta be a forum supporter, only $10 a year!
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    Random - but freezing candles?

    I just heard that if you freeze your candles, they burn slower. It was on a feature about saving money. Anybody heard of this? Does anyone do it, and does it work?
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    Nissan Leaf Pricing

    That seems pretty official to me too :lol:
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    Dept. of Energy - Agreement to produce Leaf battery in N.A.

    Very interesting... I wonder what Nissan is stopping production of at the plant? It says they're modifying the Tennessee plant to produce the Nissan Leaf batteries? Oh, the article also states they are manufacturing the Leaf there too, not just the batteries. On another note, why is the...
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    Charging batteries at home.. HEAVY DRAIN!

    Serious? That's crazy. I wonder how many Nissan Leafs it will take to require so much power that electricity rates start going WAY up! Do you have a link to an article or anything that talks about it?