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    LEAF ZE1 battery capacity bars (2018+)

    Hi That makes sense for ZE0 (gen1) but I'm not sure about gen2. I've seen 40kWh Leafs with very high mileage and still 12 bars in the capacity meter. Have you measured the bars with depreciation levels on your own Leaf ZE1? My suspicion is that the bar graphs are calibrated differently across...
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    LEAF ZE1 battery capacity bars (2018+)

    Hi, Anyone have a reliable source that explains what the battery capacity bars on the 'gen2' (ZE1, 40kWh or 62kWh) LEAF represent? Copilot claims: "Each health bar on the second-generation Nissan Leaf represents approximately 6.25% of the battery capacity. " and.. Copilot indicates that 11...
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    CATL Full Battery 64 Kwh with BMS

    I'd be interested in a modest **LFP** battery pack upgrade for a Leaf 24kWh. Could also be interesting to look at upgrading 40kWh packs to 60+kWh on 2018 or newer Leafs.. Charging to 100% each day without worrying about it would be nice.
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    2018 Leaf charger malfunction

    Error codes might be readable via the OBDII port and Leaf Spy Pro. Should be easier to diagnose the fault if it's possible to see what codes the car is throwing up.
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    On board charger repair cost UK

    Anyone had a repair / replacement of the on-board charging unit in the Leaf (any age)? Not got this problem yet, but I'm expecting it and would be good to know what the cost of replacement / repair is in the UK. Deciding whether to keep the Leaf (2014) a bit longer or sell it now and upgrade to...
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    Failed ball joint

    Would you recommend changing the ball joints on a 10-year-old Leaf just as a precaution, even after there are no creaking sounds once the suspension mounts have been changed? Assume that the car is left outside in all weather and has to cope with really rough pot holes every day..
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    Why Have 2022 Used LEAFs Dropped by $10k in Price in the Past One Year?

    Can't speak about USA, but in the UK there has been a huge media campaign against EVs, with scare stories about cars exploding and batteries dying on the highway, etc. Despite this, EV sales are generally up significantly in 2023 compared to 2022, and rising. The market is full of good used EVs...
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    Failed ball joint

    I have a creaking sound when turning the wheel on my 2014 Leaf when parking. It has been diagnosed that I need new suspension strut top mounts and top bearings. I'm now thinking it could be ball joints as well? We have a LOT of potholes, speed bumps and bad roads where I live..
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    2022 Nissan Leaf does it park it self?

    Any owners of a Leaf with PPP recommend it as something to look for in a used Leaf 40kWh / 62kWh? Can't decide whether it's worth bothering with or not.. I have to park in tight spaces for work and use the 360 camera a lot, but not sure if the auto-parking is going to useful or not in reality..
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    Failed ball joint

    You think the extra battery weight might make increase the wear on the joints? I wondered that too.. 62kWh Leafs are starting to drop in price here, but I'm not sure how robust they are..
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    Nissan Leaf 2014 - problems with suspension

    Maybe get a 2nd opinion from another garage that is an EV specialist or works with the Leaf regularly? Doesn't sound right.
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    Are there any benefits to fully cycling the battery periodically (full to turtle)?

    I would advise that you do what works for you and don't worry too much about how you charge. I charge to 80% most of the time because it's easy to set that option on my early Leaf, and that's all I need each day. Sometimes I'll do a 100% charge, and I'll run the car down to zero when needed...
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    2015 Leaf with 21k miles should range be greater than 90 miles?

    Looks like a good find - got the 6kW charging option too, which is a bonus. Presume this is the 24kWh battery version, so the likely 85% battery capacity remaining (of 22kWh usable when new) should give you around 19kWh, which is approx 60 miles in winter / highway 60mph driving (3 miles per...
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    Battery 17% sudden drop while driving

    Yes, you need internet to download an app. That's the case with all apps though..
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    Try contacting the dev - he was really helpful for me
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    Buying advice. 2018 leaf n connecta

    Leaf 40kWh prices have dropped to below £10k (€11,600 euro) in UK, so good time to buy. Personally, I wouldn't consider a mileage over 80k for the price quoted, regardless of battery health. Lots of other stuff will start to go wrong at that point, including suspension, power steering, etc.
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    Buying a secondhand Nissan Leaf in the UK

    If your budget is up to £6k, try to get a 30kWh (28kWh usable) Leaf from 2015-2017 with 12/12 bars of battery health. This will give a good 70 mile range. I would avoid the 24kWh Leaf now as they have low range (maybe less than 60 miles), unless you need a bargain and don't have to travel far...
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    2019 40kwh Leaf - is the range normal?

    One mile per % seems about right for winter. Leaf 40kWh has a 36kWh usable battery, so if the health is 88% that goes down to 32kWh. In winter, you'd expect perhaps 3 miles per kWh = 95 miles range in total. 1% = 1 mile (although the % display is non-linear, and the Leaf is notorious for hiding...
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    2022 40kwh Range

    Range is also affected by hills.. if you have a lot of high gradient roads to climb like I do. On the plus side, I've noted NEGATIVE consumption when going down some of the steep long hills near where I live! The worst for me is highway driving at 60-70mph with wet conditions with heating and AC...
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    I noted that on my Android phone (Oppo A57s, but also other makes / models) the app does not pair with the dongle until GPS (location) is enabled and the app restarted. I thought there was a fault until it suddenly started to open and run happily with GPS switched on. Apologies if this is...