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    2017 Leaf battery and Vehicle History Report question

    You say that you are hoping to get a LEAF with a bad battery which is still under warranty. Have you been reading the posts describing the long waits for the warranty batteries? Often waits where the LEAF is undrivable, parked at the service center? Have you read the posts wondering if Nissan is...
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    SD Card or Cards in 2016?

    When the sales manager was asked about the "missing" charger, he explained that their dealership had problems with theft. Thus the charger being put away while the car was in the lot. The funny thing is, a few minutes later while killing time, I opened the back of a LEAF that had been in the...
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    SD Card or Cards in 2016?

    I am feeling embarrassed. I found the SD card. It was in an envelope in the charger bag. Clearly labeled by abbreviations I didn't put together when I first unpacked the charger. Interesting that the "updated" navigation system does not give the "No SD card" error. Thanks for the reply.
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    SD Card or Cards in 2016?

    Question: How many SD cards in a 2016? Behind the faceplate I see only one slot. The slot is labeled "Maps". And the slot is empty. The Leaf is 2016 SL with the Premium Package. I purchased it a couple of days ago Certified Pre-Owned from a Nissan dealer. The Story: I'm not seeing the "No SD...