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    replace rear brake pads at 4 mm thickness, only 59k miles

    You may see a higher than normal rear brake wear if you have Active Trace Control turned on.
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    Apple CarPlay - USB 1 or USB 2

    True that. I had a few "C" to thunderbolt cords lying around here so that is what I used from day one so I cannot tell you what the difference is except my setup works fine. iPhone 12 mini. I don't think the "C" has a significantly higher output in regards to charging. Maybe equal to USB 3.0...
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    EVgo infrastructure thread

    Charging stations in metro areas are all well and good but, I can't drive from Milwaukee, WI to Minneapolis, MN. There are Level III chargers in Madison area but none between there and MSP. Guess I could find some Level II chargers along the way and make it a two day trip. NOT. To be fair I've...
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    2019 Leaf S replace head unit for touchscreen/CarPlay

    From my Infiniti experience I would guess updating the screen to a newer one could be a costly and ultimately futile endeavor. Just an educated guess. You can indeed access Siri when locked. Settings > Siri&search > Allow Siri When Locked.
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    System fault message

    General fault. As informative as a Microsoft Windows error message. Do you have an OBD II scanner? Maybe a local auto parts store can plug in one of theirs. Otherwise, off to the dealer
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    Dryer Plug Adapter for Leaf 2020 Plus EVSE

    My bad, I meant 14-50. My electrician installed it with 8/3 Romex and a 40 amp breaker. All these numbers. :o This one, I plug in the EVSE that came with my 2020 Leaf SL+
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    Mobile operators to shut down 3G networks in 2022

    Thanks for showing that. You have met my criteria of "definitive". :D
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    Broken Nissan Leaf: T/M system malfunction

    Under a load? That's all that matters. It may show 12V+ sitting on the shelf. How about after it was installed in the car? Do you have a voltmeter? A battery charger?
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    Dashboard Message I Had Never Seen Before

    Quite simply it means what it says. You're not supposed to be fiddling with settings while the car is in motion. Just pay attention and drive. Please!
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    A Better Route Planner now on Android Auto

    No, I do not. But, I went to their site to see what are the requirements of the dongle. I found that Leaf Spy requires a "ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapter". Based on that information I researched compatible devices and settled on this one...
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    A Better Route Planner now on Android Auto

    Can someone recommend a compatible dongle that won't break the bank? Their approved one has a link to the Italian Amazon site. WTF?
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    Mobile operators to shut down 3G networks in 2022

    Thanks. I just bought a new 2020 and was wondering about that. I have been unsuccessful in determining what radio I have. I still haven't found anything 100% definitive. The Connect manual suggests 4G and your experiment reinforces that notion but no-one can say with absolute certainty. I had a...
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    A tale of two chargers

    My son bought a Tesla model Y a few months ago. He had the genuine Tesla level II charger installed. 60 amp breaker, 6 gauge wiring and it is hard wired. No plug-in. 48 amp charge rate.
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    Dryer Plug Adapter for Leaf 2020 Plus EVSE

    With all of this discussion about simply upgrading the plug to a 10-50 "RV" plug and installing a 40 or 50 amp breaker I see no reference to the wiring. You will probably want at least 8 gauge. Maybe 6 depending on the length of the run.
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    Lack of telescoping steering wheel: any solution

    I'm confused. Are you saying that your Leaf has a steering wheel that is adjustable for tilt but not telescope? That seems odd. I have the SL+ which is the up-level trim and the wheel does both. And to answer your other question, The power seat is adjustable fore and aft, up and down, the...
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    Leaf dead - no power of any kind

    Is the 12V battery the original? If you are dealing with a 10 year old battery then there's your problem. Just replace the darn thing already. Don't need a degree to know that.
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    Just bought a 2019 Leaf SL plus

    Why not just use the charger the car came with? Because you want an outdoor mounting? That is the only reason I can think of. The provided EVSE has the NEMA 14-50 "RV" plug already and will provide peak compatibility. The only downside is it is not intended for use in sun, wind and rain. I have...
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    Remote heater/climate not starting, but battery update works

    I spoke too soon. Back to not working. Worked for about a week when I left the dealership and now failed again after about a week.
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    Leased Car, selling to CarMax

    Always included. You signed a commitment to make those payments. An early termination would require residual value plus outstanding payments. Minus any interest on the balance. However, There may be some room to negotiate if the car has a value lower than the residual value. If the lessor finds...