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    Engine bay underside tray bolts missing

    My daughter's 2017 had the same thing. I believe a snow bank somewhere damaged it, ripping out the bolt holes. During a hack repair job (with large washers for the bolts and several new plastic push-ins, I noticed the bolts were loose without the panel in place. Not discounting your mechanic...
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    REALLY!!! $200 gas tax.

    New Jersey just passed a new EV Tax on vehicle registrations: $250/year, raising to $290/year in 2028. They also removed the incentive of no sales tax on purchases, so add another 6.625% on new car purchases. Plus we have a high income tax, and all sorts of other taxes (like my $18,500/year...
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    My leaf is thrumming

    Just for completeness, another possibility is the rear window is open and the fronts are closed. The Helmholtz Resonance is wicked on Leafs at 50mph. :-)
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    2019 Leaf Map Update

    Per Nissan's website, the last version available for my leaf (2017) is Version 13. Does anyone know the publish date of this version? If already a couple of years old, it's not worth it.
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    2016-2017 model year 30 kWh bar losers and capacity losses

    Just curious. On these 2016-2017 30kwh batteries, is the degradation linear, i.e., dies equally over time/miles, or like us humans, once past a certain age, everything degrades quickly? :)
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    what is the cheapest spare tire disregarding efficiency?

    I've read, but not verified, the donut spare from an Altima fits. - 16x4, 66.1 mm center hole, 5 bolts at 114.3 mm ("4.5 inches"). Should be at your local junk yard. (Not sure if Gen2 are the same as Gen1s). Perhaps others can chime in. Other specs: 205/55R16 on 6.5jx16 ET40 offset w/...
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    Tried to play Spotify from iPhone X to 2017 Leaf SV via Bluetooth. It plays for a moment, then Airplay takes over and plays. The Nav screen also stays locked on whatever Airplay is dishing out. Turning off airplay to MyLeaf in iPhone Media Control Panel cuts everything. Any help is appreciated!
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    Just curious. Is LeafSpy Pro still actively supported? I ask as the IOS version 1.7.38 is now 2 years old. Anything new in the pipeline? Also, are there any worthwhile feature differences with its Android cousin?
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    Since you are losing real money, perhaps worth investing a couple hundred on an EMF detector and a decent VOC air quality tester (one that does a range of particulate sizes plus Formaldehyde. Amazon has a few. Also spend some time in a local Harbor Freight store. A utopia of off-gassing smells,
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    J1772 Connector on Nissan 120V L1 Charger

    Has anyone successfully opened up the J1772 Connector on the Nissan 120V L1 Charger? I have one with cord damage near the connector. I'm fine with having the cord a foot shorter if I can open the J1772 connector. I understand from other resources that the crimp/solder connectors on the pins...
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    12 V battery replacement

    Silly question. If you replace the 12v battery in the sun with the solar panel option, does it keep settings?
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    Just Purchased 2018 Leaf SV with 20K

    Some models of wall-mounted chargers (oh wait, I'm so sorry - 240V EVSEs) allow dip switch setting of the max output current, 16a (20 amp service), 24a (30 amp service), etc. Did anyone have code official confusion by installing a smaller feed circuit? (they are probably trained everything...
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    How do you increase the value of the Leaf?

    Speaking of rims, I recall somewhere seeing donut spares from an Altima working on 2011-2017 Leafs. Did anyone confirm stock rims & tires with an actual fit? I remember the most critical measurement is the somewhat large offset to clear the calipers. Should be a decent selection at the...
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    Intentionally buying marginal battery on 3-year old leaf?

    Is there any updates on if indeed all 30kwh packs are being warranty replaced with 40kwh? Does it depend on the dealer (i.e. who may have an EV tech that enjoys opening up battery packs)? Does it depend on warranty remaining (as not to do the job twice)? Understanding life is a crap shoot...
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    Leaf Price / Discount discussion thread

    For what its worth from a Nissan dealer in central New Jersey last week: New 2020 Leaf SV, 24 month lease, 10k/year mileage allocation. 24 month: $0 Down --> $172.16/mo or $3,000 down @ $41.63/mo End of lease buyout: $20,400. If you were to purchase same vehicle: $38,480 MSRP - Dealer...