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    End of Lease, Vampire Drain Settlement

    They would have had to keep it for several days. They wanted me to bring it back for more testing, but I found my Volt instead. Got my $500 check from Nissan yesterday! It does pay to make some noise sometimes....... :lol:
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    End of Lease, Vampire Drain Settlement

    I leased my Leaf in July. 100° over here! Not the battery heater. When mine started its vampire drain, it would not stop until the battery was disconnected for a bit. Seemed like the longer the battery was unhooked, the longer it would be before the drain returned. Two months was my record. I...
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    End of Lease, Vampire Drain Settlement

    I had my 2013 Leaf inspected and returned it on Jan. 6, about 6 months early. I was going to wait a little longer, but a gorgeous 2013 Volt came into my life and I couldn't pass it up. For where I live, with charging infrastructure still in the Flintstone era, the Volt is the way to go. The...
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    2013 Leaf - Dead 12-Volt Battery every 2 Weeks

    I've had my 2013 S for almost a year and a half. Intermittent vampire drain issue the whole time. Disconnecting the battery will reset it for a while, up to 2 months sometimes, then it returns. Will drain at almost an amp. I've given up on it. Dealer replaced the battery once, no joy. They want...
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    Dreaded Vampire Drain Returns

    Well, the ongoing vampire drain issue with my 2013 Leaf S returned, 3 months after the dealer did a software upgrade and replaced the battery, (12v) which tested fine, as I knew it would. I had purchased a nice clamp-on DC ammeter and had left the car in drain mode (by not disconnecting the...
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    Vampire Drain Update

    My 2013 vampire drain issue recurred in Mid April after an over 2 month hiatus. I thought my last reset with a 12 hour wait had solved the problem, but no. I lived with it until June 17 when I was able to get it to the dealer for the annual battery check, and to perform the two recalls I had...
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    I can't charge! Iced in a different way plug won't go in.

    Do you have access to a hair dryer? Or heat gun on low? That would melt the scuz out of the charge port.
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    T/M Vehicle System Malfunction Warning

    All new Leafs should come with a hardwired battery tender plug, and a complimentary battery maintainer. Maybe someday I'll be able to get mine to a dealer again when it gets into it's "rampant vampire drain" mode, which generally occurs monthly. I sure wish the dealer I took it to in Edmonds, WA...
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    My 2013 Leaf S experience so far!

    Yes, the 2013's are a completely different animal. The entire charger/inverter/dc-dc converter is now all in one unit under the bonnet. (love that British jargon!). I'm beginning to think no dealer has gotten a chance to observe one "in the act" of this condition. The dealer in Edmonds had the...
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    My 2013 Leaf S experience so far!

    My 2013 S has been flawless for 9k miles EXCEPT for the ongoing recurring battery drain issue, documented elsewhere on this forum. I have reopened my case with Nissan, and will get it to the dealer next time it happens. A software update performed in Nov. 2013 kept it normal for 2 months, then...
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    New leaf out of service after one month!!!

    The heater unit is made by Nippon Denso as I recall reading. Toyota uses the same heater in the Rav 4 EV and they have also been plagued with heater failures. As noted by another poster, there is a service bulletin and an upgraded unit, as well as separate parts available now. My 2013 S still...
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    Heater Out & 3 week turn around??

    Actually, you can tell when an S heater comes on by observing the segment circle around where the big tree grows. When coasting with no power, all the segments will be lit. One will go away when the heater starts. In D or if you turn the heat up more, sometimes 2 segments will go off. If I set...
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    1300 Miles Clunking felt on drivers side floor board.

    One reason they're putting the hooks on the carpet to hold the mats now? That and the Toyota runaway acceleration fiasco.
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    DCQC Readings Normal??

    On my 2013S the battery SOC on the machine matched my leaf identically. I can select 80 or 100% charge, and the machine turns off at 80% or near, but not always exactly, 100%. Once it was 92%. It does slow way down over 80%. I figure, with 3 bars remaining at the start, 1/2 hour to 80%, 45 min...
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    Blink Quick Chargers Disappearing in Tennessee

    FYI I got an email today telling me that the company that bought Blink's assets has begun repairing and servicing Blink charging stations. They're called CarCharging. Good news.
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    Replace Key Fob

    Yup, little metal tag about 1/4" x 3/4" with a 5 digit number on it. Mine's on a ring along with a plastic tag with the vin # and model/paint.
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    Headlights icing up UPDATED

    It's true, the S model's low beams are halogen, I have one. They work quite well too. Haven't been in any snow or freezing rain yet though.
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    Dead 12V Battery Overnight??

    Well I guess this is as good a place as any to relate the latest in my battery drain saga. My 2013S has tried to run its battery dead so many times I've lost count. I catch it in the act now with my battery tender, which I hook up after each charge, or during. If the light doesn't go from red to...
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    2013 LEAF S Charging Problems

    Yes, from your join date it looks like your 2013 may have been built before July, 2013. There is a software update that is supposed to make the car more compatible with different charging stations. I'd get that done. You can't expect too much in the way of climate control and charging at the...
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    Help Green All Of Washington State’s Highways In 90 Days!

    George, I viewed the map on the Tesla site. It looks like you've ignored US 2? This would be a big mistake IMHO. Stations in Waterville, Coulee City, Wilbur, and Davenport would get a Leaf from Wenatchee to Spokane. US 2 is a much more EV friendly road than I-90. I travelled it last week, both...