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    Battery heater in cold weather

    I, too have some cold-weather questions: What are the safe discharge levels to leave my 2015 SV overnight at 0ºF? What is too low, what is too high? If I leave it plugged into my ClipperCreek 40A Level 2 charger on a timer overnight, will it heat the battery without charging? If not, should I...
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    My 2015 Leaf won't start

    Fixed it! And I didn't even lose the presets. Thanks for all the help. (I love this forum.)
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    My 2015 Leaf won't start

    Thanks for the reply. It was not plugged in. However, I am considering just going to Autozone and getting a new battery — it is 7 years old, after all.
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    My 2015 Leaf won't start

    I searched the Problems / Troubleshooting forum (which isn't the best search tool around) and did not find anything relevant to starting. I looked at for a FAQ and it is a dead link. So... I am posting my help request here. I was away for 10 days and when I came...
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    The 12V battery charging algorithms

    I'm curious what you did. As an example, I looked at 'yellow top' and their 'will this battery fit' checker said it would not fit in my 2015 Leaf. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
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    Can You Stop Charging Remotely?

    Thanks to everyone for the helpful discussion! (it's kinda beyond me — especially living where it's cold — why this functionality has not been implemented by Nissan. Go figure. Of course!
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    Can You Stop Charging Remotely?

    I have NissanConnect EV v6.3.3 for Android. Can anyone tell me: How to stop charging from NissanConnect EV? There is a Charging Start widget, but no Charging Stop widget. Why not? Am I missing something? Thanks.
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    Post Your Order Details Here

    I'm new to this forum. We purchased a Nissan Certified Preowned 2015 Black Leaf SV w/ 38K miles off a two-year lease on 2017/10/10 fully delivered @ $13K. We love it!
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    Immediate charging button behavior

    I know this is an old thread, but the subject seemed right... describes the immediate charge button behavior as, 'To cancel immediate charge mode press the immediate charge switch again.' I have...