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    Changing Portable EVSE Plug from 14-30P to 14-50P

    Follow up question for the forum: Would an RV surge protector be of any value when connecting the EV to the receptacle? Was thinking of getting something like this... Progressive Industries 50 Amp RV Surge Module, RSM-50...
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    Changing Portable EVSE Plug from 14-30P to 14-50P

    To clarify the discussion around my 14-30p adapter, my EVSE terminates to a L14-30p (which I want to replace with the product below) then I have another L14-30r/14-30p adapter that plugs into my 14-30r. The wiring in my current charging setup: Red Black Green/Yellow - Which I assume goes to...
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    Changing Portable EVSE Plug from 14-30P to 14-50P

    EV: 2015 Nissan LEAF S (6.6 kw onboard charger) Current charging setup Portable EVSE: Zencar (Duosida) L2, 16a, 14-30p (with adapter) Mode 2 EV Charging Cable Type: 3030-PSE-16-7.5AC-AS Input: 110-220V AC 50/60Hz Output: 110-220V AC 16AMPS 50/60Hz Protection: IP55 Reference Standard...
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    End of Lease Strategies?

    Try Gwinnett Place Nissan in Duluth, GA and ask for the lease manager (forgot his name) not a sales person. I bought out my 36-month leased 2015 S (w/QC) for $7500 (Minimum Selling Price) + $689 (dealer fee) + TTL in August this year. YMMV Adam
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    Moving from GA to CA - need advice on vehicle registration

    I accepted a job offer in Southern California and need advice on what to do with my leased 2015 LEAF currently registered in GA. Leasing facts: - Leased June 2015, 36k miles, 36 months - ODO 24k - Residual is $10,240 with current buyout at $12,366.03 good thru mid-Sept I'm planning on having...
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    Warning: Defective Konnwei KW-902 on the market

    I don't have an ohm meter (and didn't read this reply until after I had processed the refund, placed the KW902 into an envelop and into a mailbox). I'm returning it because after I plugged it into my 2015 LEAF S, my dash displayed 2 alternating error messages "I-Key {something something}" and...
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    Warning: Defective Konnwei KW-902 on the market

    This thread was helpful and timely since I received my Konnwei KW902 yesterday. I'm returning it to Amazon. In the meantime, does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative ODB2 scanner that works? Thanks, Adam
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    Georgia an electric car giant - But will it last?

    Comparison of the GA House Bills that modify or eliminate the EV Tax Credit." onclick=";return false;
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    Georgia an electric car giant - But will it last?

    A couple of more recent articles just came out this week..." onclick=";return false...
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    Leasing in Atlanta - 2 questions

    My experience should not be taken as tax advice but for the 2013 tax year, not only did I receive a refund in state taxes that I overpaid (over-withheld), I also received the $5000 credit since it was covered by my GA tax liability.
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    Some questions about maintenance/warranty

    Reviving an old topic here... Can anyone tell me what other maintenance @ dealership is required other than the 12/24 month traction battery check? I'm in disbelief over what I thought I heard: The salesperson is telling me that I need to have tires rotated at any Nissan dealer to maintain...
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    2013/2014 Nissan Leaf Lease Information

    Add in the disposition fee into the cost of the lease. For a SV, I think this is the going rate for non-VPP (~$330) but I suggest rolling everything into the monthly payment. Adam
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    2013/2014 Nissan Leaf Lease Information

    I just picked up my LEAF today (11/30) and thought I'd share my lease details: - S Model, No Charger Package - No VPP - $279 per month, 24 months, $0 down, 15k miles per year - Total Lease Cost: $7091 (includes $395 disposition fee) My trade-in helped bring down the monthly cost due to the tax...