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    A thread for people happy with their Leaf

    Couldn't be happier with my 2020 SV+. We're retired, and our driving is minimal when we're at home. Two years prior to buying the Leaf we put solar on the roof (with 20% more collecting capacity to prepare for a Level 2 charger). We charge the Leaf about once a week only, from 11 to 3 or so (if...
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    Why Have 2022 Used LEAFs Dropped by $10k in Price in the Past One Year?

    It seems to me that the numerous replies as to why used EV prices have dropped paint the picture well. The seller's market is now a buyer's market; supply issues have abated; EV consumers seem to be analyzing the market a bit more now prior to purchasing; and the field of EVs has grown...
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    How often do you drive without ECO?

    I’ve tried various combinations (eco and epedal, B and eco, D and eco), but because we only use our 2020 Leaf for local driving (groceries, etc, nothing more than probably 5-7 miles distant) these combinations are all coming in fairly even. As for charging, we installed solar a few years ago (we...
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    EV & Services App, SOS Button SV-Plus 2020

    Hi all, purchased a 2020 SV-plus last month. I downloaded the EV & Services app, went through the 3 days or so it took to get it running. First use: Aug 20, worked for a few hours...and hasn't since. Still shows vehicle status from 20 Aug, iPhone msg from the app says "update failed, try...
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    New User, Apple Carplay issues

    Thanks for the help...took it to the dealer who swapped out the infotainment system. He told me this is a known problem that hasn't been resolved. Based on historical complaints going back a long time (online posts), the problem has affected many other owners, but not all. Thanks again.
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    New User, Apple Carplay issues

    Hello all, I just joined this group, lots of great info. I bought a used 2020 Leaf SV Plus last week, 10,800 miles only. So far I love the vehicle, but I do have one issue that's perplexing me: when making calls with iPhone 13 via Apple CarPlay, there's so much static noise that I can't...