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    iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

    Looks like LEASpy for iOS might need an update for the latest version of iOS, 15.2 It’s immediately crashing for me and I’ve deleted it and redownloaded already.
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    FS: Launching my new Level 2 Chargers. Two versions. 40 amp - $429.99 --16 amp - $259

    You are wrong on all accounts, depending on the model year. None of the LEAFs allow you to set the charge rate on 120 volt or 240 volt. The original 2011/2012 LEAFs charge at a maximum of 12 amps on 120 volt but later models will charge at a higher amperage on 120 volts.
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    Anybody with 2011 or 2012 interested in upgrade to new battery?

    And to think I gave away the BMS that came with the contactors I needed because I didn't think it would have much value with it being hard coded to a specific LEAF :)
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    Charger Faults on 2 Different L2 Chargers

    So that charge graph looks good, the breaks in charging at the end are when the pack is balancing itself. As you can see at 2.5 hours the SOC doesn't increase much. Unrelated but are all the garage lighting and receptacle circuits using #10 wire? Just for good measure you probably want to...
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    Charger Faults on 2 Different L2 Chargers

    You'll have to upload it somewhere else and provide a link here. I really wouldn't expect that to be happening. So one thing to note while I'm sure many sub panels are wired this way it's incorrect to wire the sub panel with only three wires. You should have four wires two hots, a neutral, and...
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    Dunlop Winter Maxx 195/65R15 on Tire Rack Sport Edition alloy rims.

    Late to the game but did you end up selling these?
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    Charger Faults on 2 Different L2 Chargers

    Does that 30 amp circuit feed a sub panel in the garage or just your 240 volt EVSE receptacle? I think it would be worth checking the voltage in the garage during charging to see if it's anywhere near "too low" which these EVSEs may not be able to handle properly. Then maybe check it every hour...
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    Portable EVSE L1 L2 combo options as of Jan 2017?
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    8 bar battery replacement metrics

    FWIW I'm nearly 8 months and 6,000+ miles in (early May replacement) and I'm at 66.14 ahr, 100% SOH, and HX is even up a bit to 100.63%.
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    Capacity Loss on 2011-2012 LEAFs

    Or another question is has the battery check ever found an issue which was then resolved AND by resolving it earlier rather than later additional damage/repair cost was avoided. I skipped a couple battery checks and Nissan still replaced my back under warranty. AFAIK until proven otherwise...
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    DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

    I'd be happy to test a prototype or production :) jdapter with a combination of a brand new HPWC (non modified) and my 2011 LEAFs .
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    DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

    My 2011 LEAF doesn't have that feature ;)
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    DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

    FWIW this is not the behavior that Tony has seen with his HPWC with J1772, J-Wall product, so I'm not sure if this is just a specific issue with the 2011 LEAFs that has been addressed by Nissan in later models or if there is something all together happening. I agree that having to use the...
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    DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

    I agree, I wouldn't recommend anyone doing it, I expected the wiring part to be simpler and since Tony is selling this (Though I believe he terminates a new J1772 handle on the existing cord) I figured it would work well. Yes, I am enjoying the project. The main reason for doing it is that with...
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    DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

    So I bought a Tesla HPWC with the intention of putting a J1772 cordset on it while I wait for my Model 3. Some random thoughts on the HPWC: -The gen 2 actually looks pretty complicated with multiple levels of circuit boards. -The industrial design both internally and externally that went into...
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    Sonoma Clean Power To Give Out 1,000 Free eMotorWerks Smart Charging Stations In California

    Wow, seems really irresponsible for a utility to be promoting a non NRTL listed EVSE which is why they had to resell ClipperCreek EVSEs with their wifi stuff for other utilities.
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    Shortening cable on Clipper Creek?

    That's not how warranties work in the US.
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    Control Heat Pump With Wall Thermostat

    Strange, hadn't heard of such a thing. have a URL?
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    Control Heat Pump With Wall Thermostat

    I really hope no one is actually installing heat pumps without nitrogen pressure testing the lines and vacuuming them. I suspect what the poster was saying is they have a heat pump that is a single through wall unit, like a window AC unit. It's very easy to buy the units and lines in the US...
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    Lightning Strike saga

    Very few parts require anything special with regards to Nissan to be involved to replace them. You will know based on the instructions in the service manual and if there are steps which require a Consult 3. For the parts that do require a dealership to replace it's not uncommon for your...