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    Tesla Destination EVSE and J1772 adapter

    Again, we’re talking about just ensuring power can be safely initiated and consistently delivered. It’s not a hack to work around HPWC/destination chargers only working with Teslas. Even Home Depot sells the Lectron adapters and there’s no mention of any delay. Reverse example is true. I can use...
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    Tesla Destination EVSE and J1772 adapter

    I’ve used the 40A Teslatap adapter for three years now with a Gen2 HPWC with zero issues. Yes, you need to ensure it’s securely plugged in all the way. I generally wait a few seconds before plugging into my ‘21 SV, but not 30secs. Lectron has always gotten good reviews so perhaps you just got a...
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    Tesla Destination EVSE and J1772 adapter

    Tesla HPWCs as they’re called (High Power Wall Connector) do not change colors when charging. The lights always stay green, but cascade downward when actively charging. Solid single green light means ready to charge. So if you’ve tried using your adapter on different destination connectors to no...
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    Severe performance hit when replacing 1/4 OEM tires

    Most likely alignment as others have said, but have you checked for other damage under the car? Running into/over a piece of stationary pipe can wreak havoc. Does the car drive/feel any different? Any sudden through the steering wheel?
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    55% battery drain in 10 miles, 2022 Leaf?

    Annoying for sure. Request a tech ride with you. Good that you have it all documented. Waste of your time, but having it all on record is key. The backup cam recall will most likely be a harness swap according to the service advisor the last time I was in. Not confirmed yet hence why the recall...
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    2023 dead at the airport.

    So we never got closure on this from OP @llopness ?? Inquiring minds want to know. My apologies if there was an update somewhere in the four pages of responses.
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    Rattling noise when driving

    You’ve checked the wheel for play while jacked up. Strut top retaining nut could be loose and you’d only hear the rattling/tapping under load. Same thing for tie rod ends etc. That was my culprit many years ago after suspension work.
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    Nissan Leaf 2018 Speaker Upgrade plan

    Eek, not good. When you say you tried to wire up the harness, what does that mean? Did you buy a harness adapter to preserve the stock wiring or did you tap/splice the wires? First thing to do now is to reverse/undo everything, check the fuses, etc., and see if you can get back to good...
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    Wheel & tyre sizes

    215/50/17 is stock so the winter set is fine. 225/45/18 is the appropriate upgrade size. Without going into specific tire choices, the thing that will be impacted is consumption/range due to the extra weight due to heavier wheels (unless they’re forged). Probably negligible unless the wheels are...
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    Hertz Selling Teslas - Some Are Only $21,000 - $22,000

    The $20k Model 3s are in rough condition. Plenty of articles about this. Purchasing rental/fleet cars is always a crap shoot unless you can physically inspect the car. If you want to get into a Tesla for the least amt of $$, this is a great opp. While the std warranty is long gone due to...
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    Nissan Leaf 2018 Speaker Upgrade plan

    Door panels are very easy to R&I. I replaced the fronts with Infinity Kappa 62ix. Kept all connectors stock and the mounting rings lined up perfectly with the door’s mounting holes so everything is reversible (not that I’d bother putting the factory speakers back in when I sell the car). I...
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    2022 Leaf (non-Bose) audio quality - finding the right EQ settings?

    Not Earth-shattering, but better and cleaner than stock as I said. Def worth it for me considering small cost and time to install.
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    2022 Leaf (non-Bose) audio quality - finding the right EQ settings?

    Easy upgrade of the door speakers with Infinity Kappa 62ix. Two-ohm 2-way that is as “drop-in” as it gets with appropriate mounting rings and Metra connectors to keep the stock wiring. Definite improvement. Not night and day, mind you, but def improvement. I’d say an hour or so total, depending...
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    Anyone having trouble with NissanConnect the past few days?

    Back up and working well for me. Refresh of battery SoC faster than before. Even car location seems faster.
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    Anyone having trouble with NissanConnect the past few days?

    It’s been out for a week or so until today. The app updated and I assume the servers as well because it was offline for a bit (couldn’t log in). When I was able to login earlier, things seemed faster than before. However, looks like the servers are down right now again. Hopefully back up tomorrow.
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    EV Connect vs Nissan Connect - free for life?

    Thanks. From Nissan’s website, looks like even the standard pkg is free for three years for us. Then we have to re-up.
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    EV Connect vs Nissan Connect - free for life?

    Thanks. Perhaps I’ll have to call the renewal number and ask directly because the email was solely about Nissan Connect, not EV.
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    EV Connect vs Nissan Connect - free for life?

    My ‘21 SV is ~6mos old so am getting the reminder emails about re-upping the Nissan Connect Premium plan. All I’ve ever used from day one was the EV Connect and have never gotten anything about future costs/charges so am wondering if it’s free since it’s Leaf (and impending Ariya) specific? Why...
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    NissanConnect down and now unavailable on the web? (2021)

    Indeed! Got a vmail from Nissan a few mins ago (was on a meg and couldn’t answer). I live person stated that they sent a reset signal to the car, which re-enabled the services. Wonder if it’s akin to refreshing the Sirius radio option that’s avail for subscribers when things go wonky there...