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  1. IssacZachary

    CHAdeMO Urbanity

    Talking from experience on my own long distance driving, when I went on a 700 mile trip the only CHAdeMO stations I used and existed were near my destination. Basically I only used them because where I stayed didn't offer a place to charge, so I'd hop on a CHAdeMO at the beginning of the day to...
  2. IssacZachary

    Volkswagen Group Massive Emissions Fraud Scheme

    I'm not sure how true this is. But apparently VW has spent much more on it's own electric vehicle research and development than what it has in fines over dieselgate. At least according to:
  3. IssacZachary

    So you want an electric car, perhaps a LEAF? Read this first.

    That would be awesome! I posted the Edmunds TCO information because that's about all that I can find. As far as Edmunds TCO accuracy goes, I've found their insurance estimates to be less than what I normally pay. :( And I do believe that the maintenance price includes tires every so often...
  4. IssacZachary

    12v lead acid battery heater

    Series is series. It doesn't matter if you use bus bars, wires or tabs. It's not going to affect how the battery balances or not. Normal lithium ion cells, like the chemistries used in the Leaf, Tesla, cell phones, hover boards, etc., can't be used for automotive purposes because their voltage...
  5. IssacZachary

    12v lead acid battery heater

    Yes. Unbalancing can be problem with anything with lithium cells in series. For the record, lead acid are not connected in parallel on a bus. They have the same series configuration that lithium batteries do. The difference is that they can tolerate being overcharged, whereas lithium cannot. So...
  6. IssacZachary

    12v lead acid battery heater

    Thanks! This would be awesome to do in connection with a LiFePO4 12V battery. Those die young do to the cold. Probably the reason they aren't used.
  7. IssacZachary

    So you want an electric car, perhaps a LEAF? Read this first.

    By playing around with Edmund's TCO calculator, I found this. These are the estimated total cost of ownership of each Nissan Leaf for 5 years as of January 31, 2019: Without tax credits YEAR____S_______SV______SL___ New2018 $44,497 $48,000 $50,716 New2017 $31,530 $32,742 $35,096 Used2016...
  8. IssacZachary

    So you want an electric car, perhaps a LEAF? Read this first.

    This thread is a good for general assumptions. But is there anyway it could be made less vague? I mean, let's put some numbers here. Maybe graphs explaining current estimated TCO's, estimated battery life due to climate and other factors, range charts, etc. Just a suggestion. :D
  9. IssacZachary

    New sound at -20 F

    I remember a strange sound from my 2013 Leaf in temperatures that cold. I never got around to figuring out what it was. But it would go away once the temperature warmed up. I sure do miss the instant heat of the Leaf. As of now, my Avalon goes 2 miles without any heat at all at these...
  10. IssacZachary

    Battery Upgrades are very possible

    From what I can tell the turtle and final cutoff is voltage dependent, as is charging cutoff. So theoretically it should give you the range of a 30/40kWh or other battery. Whether or not the car will understand what is going on and display the correct range on the dash is another story. There's...
  11. IssacZachary

    Cold climate owners' experience wanted

    I've had all sorts of problems with the charge door in the winter. Especially since I park outside. For an example, in one storm it filled up with ice with it plugged in. I had a hard time getting the car unplugged and even a harder time getting the charge door shut. Of course reopening was a...
  12. IssacZachary

    Better, Diesel-Fired Liquid Heater for 2011-2012 Leaf

    I see no reason why it wouldn't work. The Leaf should have some sort of thermostatic control. How do you plan on testing it? Heating up the coolant going into the heater and seeing if the Leaf's heater stops heating and at what temperature it does so? If coolant starts boiling then you know...
  13. IssacZachary

    Will 2018/2019 Leaf batteries be upgradable?

    If you're an engineer, yes it is possible. If you don't know what voltage and amperage and wattage are, then no, not possible. Some people have swapped out their batteries or cells between different 24kWh batteries as well as "upgraded" from 24kWh to 30kWh batteries. I'm not sure anyone has...
  14. IssacZachary

    VW electric car platform

    Makes me think of the original air cooled Beetle. You could literally bolt up a 2003 Mexican, Digifant port injection Beetle engine to a 1940's prototype Beetle with very few modifications. Maybe engines and EV platforms are apples to oranges, but it reminded me of this anyway.
  15. IssacZachary

    people getting rid of their Leafs/EVs/PHEVs and going back to ICEVs

    Ya, you poor early adopters got the short end of the stick. :( The 100 mile range Leaf that was promised really wasn't a 100 mile range car at all… unless you only drove it at 40mph... on flat ground... only during the summer… with the A/C off... and replaced your car every year or two... For...
  16. IssacZachary

    Full charge or not?

    If you have a "start charging" option on your charge timer, I suggest to not use it. If you just set the time you want it to finish the charger will come on automatically with enough time to charge up by the time you need to go somewhere.
  17. IssacZachary

    Used EV for S New Mexico?

    Thanks! The Smart supposedly has a 76 mile range?? I think that would be enough until I lose 1/3 of that. Granted, I know that in real life that could be much less. I do like the Smart ED too, except the two passenger design. But two are better than one I guess.
  18. IssacZachary

    charging stations are my biggest prob

    1. EV's tend to work best if you can charge them at home. 2. Check out They rate stations by how good they are. That way you can look for top rated stations. 3. Any outlet can be a charging station. Have you asked your boss/school if you can charge there?
  19. IssacZachary

    Cold climate owners' experience wanted

    In Colorado with nights as cold as -40°F I came to appreciate the level 2 EVSE I got. Not that you can't get by with a level 1 EVSE, but having that 240V "6kW" charging capability was sure nice. As others have explained, if you turn on your cabin preheat with it plugged into a 120V outlet you...
  20. IssacZachary

    L1 vs L2 charging cost

    I had a diesel powered car once and could fill the tank with the fast commercial truck pumps. The diesel cost the same. Same with electricity. L2 is a bit more efficient. but in the end you have a 24, 30 or 40kwh battery. If you fill it from empty to full you can't add more than that...