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    Upgrading head unit in 2019 base model S

    I’d like to update the head unit in my base model S to a touch screen CarPlay unit like the Boss unit linked below. Crutchfield warns that switching out the head unit in the leaf should involve switching out speakers or adding an amplifier to avoid damage to the unit due to the low impedance...
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    2019 Leaf S replace head unit for touchscreen/CarPlay

    We are halfway through the lease on our 2019 Leaf S (no touchscreen). For several reasons there’s a strong chance we may want to purchase the car at end of lease (only have 6000 miles on it so far, scraped bumper and panel DIY touched up that will need proper painting vs excess wear charges...
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    Subleasing or other suggestions

    We leased a Leaf S with weather package in November 2019, and have driven it less than 2000 miles. Now with the pandemic my husband (The car is his) works from home FT indefinitely and it literally sits in our garage and we drive it occasionally just to keep it functional. We don’t need the car...
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    2019 lease vs 2015/16 purchase in SF Bay Area CA

    Our family has one car right now a 2016 cmax energi (PI hybrid). We are thinking of getting a second car and it would likely be a leaf - we last owned a 2012 leaf S on 3 year lease and loved that car. Currently we have access to the following rebates used/new: Local air $750/$1000 State...
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    Public Service Announcement - Pre Cooling is just as import

    I was told on this forum that the S model (13-14) with the "non heat pump" setup actually has more efficient A/C than the SL and SV with heat pump. Reverse is true for heating. Since I live in CA and never need heat (heated seats and steering wheel are all I need) but will run A/C most of the...
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    No Charge To Charge Program

    Does anyone know whether the Leaf has to be purchased at specific dealerships - it says San Francisco but I live in the bay area and my closest dealer is outside the city. The articles are not clear on this and I emailed the contact person about this but have not heard back.
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    2013/2014 Nissan Leaf Lease Information

    Yes there is a brake flush involved during the 3 year lease period as well as periodic inspections. I always perform preventative maintenance anyway and with a leased vehicle it's best to do what you can to maintain the value. I brought my laptop and my own spreadsheet and did calculations. The...
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    Lease promotion numbers

    This looks great - what is the $11,000 "DRIVE OFF" then? Is that before credits applied?
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    2013/2014 Nissan Leaf Lease Information

    I was told there is brake maintenance etc and as a lease all maintenance is required.
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    Wait time for California DMV carpool stickers?

    We are STILL waiting for the CA rebate - more than 60 days now since "acceptance", which took about 2 weeks for them to process in the first place. Getting a bit annoyed about that, why should it take more than 2 months to mail a check once the rebate is accepted?
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    Carpool lane stickers :(

    I love the idea of special plates, an an accompanying validation sticker on the plate (the sticker could even be stamped with the color and make of car, to help prevent swaps - eg Red Leaf) and registration card. As for the temptation to swap plates, why would it be any more of a problem than...
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    Carpool lane stickers :(

    If everyone had them, they wouldn't be useful so I don't care so much about advertising. It's no secret the EVs can use the carpool lane. If law enforcement can see your registration sticker on your license plate and know not to pull you over for expired registration, why can't they see a...
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    PG&E proposes E-1 tier and rate changes

    Thanks for the info! So far we have only charged our Leaf 2-3 times at home, but if we ever get a second EV it will be more relevant.
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    Wait time for California DMV carpool stickers?

    We got our stickers yesterday and the check was cashed (or at least cleared) the same day. We leased Dec 3 but 2 weeks later I called DMV since we hadn't gotten our plates and they still had not got our registration info from the dealer (Boardwalk in Redwood City). Last time we bought a car we...
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    charging at/near SFO airport?

    I'd take a shuttle to the airport. Parking is far away from the terminals and expensive, and sounds like an extra hassle with your range. Or get someone to give you a ride to closest transit BART/Caltrain. Even with my ICE car I don't drive myself to the airport it's more trouble and expense...
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    Carpool lane stickers :(

    Love/hate: got our carpool lane stickers today (leased Dec 3) so we're happy to have carpool access but so annoyed that we have to slap this UGLY stickers all over our new car. Surely they could have made a simple plate sticker like registration? Is this punishment for the envy of other drivers...
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    free 240v charger with installation if you buy Leaf in CA

    I qualified for a "free" ESVE but the "custom" quote (40' from panel) was $2200.
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    What does $7,825 NMAC cash back mean?

    My Leaf leased Dec 3 has VIN 4229XX, not sure how to find the DOM. Anyway who says the cars have been sitting idle at 100% charge? They can provide a battery health report, right?
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    30% Tax credit - applicable for purchase to install later?

    Just wondering if I purchase a station now before Dec 31, but not able to get it installed until next year can I claim the credit for the purchase price of the station?
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    Aerovironment free charger/install questions

    I just got the estimate for our install - $2200. Our carport is 40' from the panel even including going up through the attic. They quoted us for 100' of wiring, but the technician who visited spend about 5 minutes at our home and didn't measure anything so not sure where he got that number. I...