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    Troubleshooting PO extended battery hack

    Thanks Gerry. I will eventually get under it, might be a while, just going to cruise around and enjoy for the time being. I wish 62kWh packs were more readily available, at decent prices. Around here in Indiana pretty much nothing.
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    Troubleshooting PO extended battery hack

    Yes, full pack voltage present, all the time, with the car off, charging etc. Previous Owner did not install, so he was also clueless as to what/why/etc also. As for safety no worries, I'm an EE from the power plant world, so 400v is nothing. Maybe if I can get it up on a lift perhaps see...
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    Troubleshooting PO extended battery hack

    Hello all, new Leaf owner here. I just bought a 2011, 36k miles, battery SOH about 52% with an extended battery hack. Please see the attached pict, but basically an anderson quick disconnect for an extra trunk battery. In my forum searching it appears there are a couple locations (ie after...