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  1. Z

    scratching/rattling/grinding noise when coasting

    "Is there any chance some under body panel or part is blowing in the wind while driving and rubbing against an axle, " Good point. Will have to get mechanic to put it up on the lift so we can check properly.
  2. Z

    Cold weather regen braking

    Should this work in cold weather (around freezing or below)? I notice on my 2012 Leaf the indicator regenerative braking indicator doesn't usually come on when wintery.
  3. Z

    scratching/rattling/grinding noise when coasting

    So rotating the tires manually only thing odd i notice is that the break pads seem to be making contact somewhat. No apparent wobbling or similar noise to wheel bearing gone bad. Should i expect the break pads to be completely off the disk? The grinding noise is still a mystery.
  4. Z

    scratching/rattling/grinding noise when coasting

    I have a 2012 Nissan Leaf. I hope somebody can help me with this as the local mechanic here in Boston are not very well versed in EVs. I am getting an odd noise (sort of rattling/scratching/grinding) when I am coasting. When I hit the accelerator or breaking it seems to go away. It seems to me...