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    Strange uneven tire wear

    I also had same extra outside tire wear on my 2013. I fixed it by doing my own front alignment toe adjustment. These vehicles DO NOT have camber adjustment by default. The Nissan Alignment spec is too much front toe in that causes this. I readjust the front toe on my 2013. And it's been great.
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    Tires about 3 points higher one side

    How are you measuring tire pressure? I hope it's with a hand held pressure gauge. I would not trust the on board tpms.
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    Part question for 2012 Nissan Leaf

    Ask the dealer/service department if that part will work. They would know far better than anyone here.
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    Replacing NissanConnectEV with OVMS in a Gen1 Leaf

    Here it is installed on my 2013 SL. I'll eventually move it to behind the glove box. But it works for now under the steering column. I mainly need to make sure I have enough OBDII cable to route behind the HVAC to move it behind the glove box.
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    Low efficiency - What could it be?

    Reality check. Any vehicle ICE or EV will have poor efficiency travelling at 70mph. Air resistance formula:,the%20larger%20the%20drag%20force. Air resistance Increases with the...
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    2013 stuck to public charging station

    In hot states: TX, AZ, NM, etc.. 3 years is considered borrowed time for 12v battery, due to heat.
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    2013 stuck to public charging station

    How old is the 12v battery? If it's the factory unit it's on borrowed time.
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    2011 Leaf - Sometimes won't start. Violent kickback on brake pedal. OBD DTC Adaptor error code?

    What's the voltage of the 12v battery? How old is it? Anything past 5 years is borrowed time
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    Low efficiency - What could it be?

    You're driving 70mph and in cold weather. Both are not conducive to range. Maybe you should slow down? Do you drive with Leaf Spy? What's the efficiency displayed in the app?
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    Replacing NissanConnectEV with OVMS in a Gen1 Leaf

    Never mind my request for help. It's all taken care. The unit is zip tied onto the panel under the dash. It seems to be working fine at this point. More updates to follow.
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    Replacing NissanConnectEV with OVMS in a Gen1 Leaf

    I just connected the OVMS I just bought in the US. But I am not sure what I may have done wrong. As other than display 12v reading, SOH, there's not much else I can do. Not displaying SOC, etc...Not able to turn ON/OFF the AC. It's basically useless at this point. So any help would be greatly...
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    Its time! 24 kWh battery replacement on our 2013

    I am one of those that recently had our 24kwh 2013 SL upgraded to 40kwh. Range increased from about 60miles on GOM to 140-150 miles on GOM.
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    Leaf won'ts start after repair

    ABS? But I can't read the language you posted
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    12v battery replacement recommendations?

    My stock 12v in DFW, TX succumbs to heat every year. It required annual top up with distilled water. TX is only slightly less hotter than AZ!
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    Stuck at 1.2kW Charging rate

    LOL Problem is fixed!!!!? See here:
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    Stuck at 1.2kW Charging rate

    Just checked. Both legs are 121volts.
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    Stuck at 1.2kW Charging rate

    I am charging my 2013 LS using my Juice Box 40. It used to be able to charge the Leaf at near 6.6kw rate. Now today it only charges the Leaf at 1.2kW rate. What is causing this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Its time! 24 kWh battery replacement on our 2013

    I just last November had a 40kwh installed in my 2013 SL. SOH 90.02%. Easily gets 120+ mile range vs 60 mile range before.
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    Removing the Plugless charger from my Leaf 2013

    What brand plugless charger? Have you asked the installer?
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    heating fan does not work, does not rotate

    Connect a DVM to the fan power connector and turn on fan and see if you get 12v at the harness.