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  1. K

    Android Headunit for ZE1 Leafs

    No, I think it is universal android hu for base model.
  2. K

    Android Headunit for ZE1 Leafs

    Today I find intressting Android Headunit for Leaf ZE1. But will it lose functionals like app control temperature, battery, all round system? i don"t know if I can put link.
  3. K

    Easiest way to get started with Leaf CAN bus hacking under Windows?

    I did dat on last car (Toyota IQ) with arduino and laptop with other software (CANHacker v2.00.02) that works with arduino uno and canbus shield. Altough it is connected on OBD-2 to DB9 cable. (Canbus shield has db9 port) And software and code you can find is here...
  4. K

    Hello guys

    Hi, I'm Kirito, and I got my Leaf 2018 40kW Tekna since oct 2023. I really like this car. And glad to be aboard. Kirito