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    2018 LEAF S speedometer accuracy issues?

    I've compared the speed displayed with my phone sat nav and is consistently 10% difference (the car shows more than it really does) But not only Nissan does this, there are other brands that do the same.
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    LeafSpy and ODBII wifi

    Thank you for the clarifications :)
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    UK has more charging stations than gas stations

    After I got my 30 Leaf I was talking to another EV driver and said that petrol stations would decrease and would be a financial life line for private owners to convert the forecourts to EV charging stations. A ICE takes 3 minutes to fill while you will spend 40 min charging an EV. If private...
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    LeafSpy and ODBII wifi

    So finally I got my ODBII dongle with Wi-Fi connection. First the findings with the wee device. It connects first time (there's a surprise...) The issue I have with it is, being wifi connection I'm stuck with data connection, phones don't allow you to have multiple data connections so if I'm in...
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    Will Leaf Prices Come Down by 2021?

    Hi all, Personally I think the prices of EV's will behave in a similar way as laptops and mobile phones. You will get more range and power for your money but the cost tendency will be to slowly raise not to come down, possibly aligned with inflation. At the end will be a better value for money...