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    driveshaft play reduction box

    The play is in the short axle (left). The long axle is just fine with zero play. Looking at some random images I found on the web, the play could be in the tapered roller bearing. I don't think Nissan used a custom bearing so it can be serviced (I guess). The only way to find out is to take it...
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    driveshaft play reduction box

    Hi, I made a video to show you. It's RADIAL play I'm worried about. It's not leaking any fluids.
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    driveshaft play reduction box

    The lefthand driveshaft has some radial play on the reduction box side. I can move it up and down for about 1.5mm. I'm familair with axial play but I'm talking radial play now. I always thought there was a bearing on the shaft where it sits in the gearbox. The righthand drive shaft has no play...