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    Engine Noise Very Important to Audi

    I'm going to say this and get run over by a Prius tomorrow, but, look both ways. Seriously? I've never seen people not look both ways before crossing a street as I have in Colorado and California. Yeah, sure...pedestrians have the right of way, but that doesn't mean drivers are actually...
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    2nd LEAF in Colorado?

    I find it funny that we have to pay an RTD tax when buying an electric car. Irony?
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    I'm not "OK" for 2012

    You'll change the radio station but clicking "ok" is annoying? How is it different than fastening your seat belt or pressing the brake to shift out of "park?" We also have OnStar in our other car and I just don't get what all the fuss is about. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. What...
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    Keyless Entry Question

    Did this ever turn out? Were you able to reactivate it? I read something in the manual that said you had to push your start button with the fob in order to activate/reactivate something, but I don't remember what it was or where it was and for the life of me I can't find it. I'll keep...
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    We bought a Leaf...

    At any rate, the 2012 information is irrelevant in my case as I have a 2011, as is the CWP stuff since we just bought without much research. I completely misunderstood the whole CWP thing. However, I'm glad I didn't do more research lest we miss out on our leaf. :)
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    We bought a Leaf...

    The crooked steering wheel is something they're aware of. If you put the steering wheel all the way up it's crooked. All the way down and it's fine. I can live with it as long as I know it's not doinking up my tires. :)
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    Charging Plug

    Update. We bought the GE Wattstation and it plugs in. We just mounted it to the wall and we plug the car in at night. Works great. Turns out we didn't need an electrician. :)
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    Orphan Leaf's?

    We're going to try. The worst they can say is no.
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    We bought a Leaf...

    Just an update for those of you that are curious.... We do not have the cold weather package and I'm really feeling it, now :). The car is great, my commute is 20 miles, roundtrip and about 5 are on the highway. I haven't had a problem at all and it does great in the snow while in ECO mode...
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    Be Careful When Switching from Leaf in Eco Mode to ICE Car

    WHAT? The climate control is throttled in ECO mode? No flippin' wonder I'm freezing my nether regions off when I'm in ECO. Also? I had a change of heart. My new goal while driving this car is to see how many miles I can "increase" while driving. It's starting to carryover into driving...
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    Orphan Leaf's?

    I'm not sure if ours is considered orphaned. It was on a used car lot in Encinitas and we bought it while on vacation and had it shipped to CO from there. Someone in Santa Barbara bought it and then moved and their new commute was longer than they were comfortable with so they traded it for...
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    2nd LEAF in Colorado?

    I meant in CO. I get the movement or I wouldn't have spent $30,000 for an electric car without the cold weather package in CO. I don't need a lecture and I don't need to be the poster child for a cause, thanks...I've done that. For what it's worth, my partner is an environmental engineer...
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    Water dropping from LEAF

    Doesn't the A/C turn on whenever you turn on the climate control? I always turn it off, because I'm just defogging the window and we live in Denver where there is no humidity...
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    Read this before starting a new thread

    When I bought my Vespa and joined a forum all I got was elitist crap because I was a newb. I figured as much here, but every site is different. If I have something to contribute I will. Otherwise I try to keep to myself because it stops being friendly and starts becoming a know-it-all party and...
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    Cold Weather Package Features

    I live in CO. I know how to stay warm, thanks! I just meant that the car was from Southern California, where people don't understand "seasons." :)
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    Cold Weather Package Features

    I'm so disappointed that we don't have the CWP, now. Damn you, Southern California! I was lost on finding anything...I swear that these search controls send me on wild goose chases every time. That's what we get for buying a used LEAF. At any rate, I will be driving mine in -3 degrees...
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    Cold Weather Package

    Hope this is the right place to find this out. I searched the forums and Nissan's site. :( We purchased a used 2011 LEAF from a used car dealer and I am unsure how to tell if we have the cold weather package. I've been looking on Nissan's site to see if I can just enter the VIN number and...
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    Orphan Leaf's?

    Ours was used. It had 1700 miles on it.
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    Black box in the trunk

    I hope mine has one and the FBI is recording where I go. They're going to be really bored. Work. Target. Work. Home. Work. Home. Work. Home. Inlaws. Liquor store. Home.