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  1. J

    The battery replacement/buyback thread.

    While I didn't accept the offer, they waived the usage fee for me-- and I was offered the full purchase price of $11,300.00.
  2. J

    The battery replacement/buyback thread.

    I just picked up my 2016 Leaf SL from the dealership today with the new battery installed and thought I'd update my story. May 10th, 2023 I brought the Leaf to the dealership after it lost it's 4th bar-- was told I would get the warranty replacement, but it would be about 6 months or so...
  3. J

    The battery replacement/buyback thread.

    Hello, I just wanted to share my experience as well in the hope others can at least have more information as they deal with their situations. I live in Missouri, and my 2016 Leaf SL hit the 8 bar warranty state at the beginning of May. After being approved for a replacement battery, I waited...