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    Charger plug stuck in port of my 2018 Leaf

    On your behalf, I would like to go public with the fact that I did the very same thing when I first acquired my used 2018 Leaf. The only difference between you and me is I didn't tell anyone. Until now, of course. 🤣🤣🤣
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    Things You REALLY Need to Know When Shopping for a Used Leaf

    No worries. Take your time. It's all here and in short time you will harvest enough information that your Leaf will be well understood.
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    New 40kwh battery on 2018 SL, sudden charge drop at low load

    Does 3.106V (average) = 36.7% SOC? I mean in reality vs what LeafSpy declared?
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    Preheating works but when driving heating is COLD (??)

    Could have been the nationwide AT&T cellular outage?
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    Things You REALLY Need to Know When Shopping for a Used Leaf

    I have a 6 year old (2018) and drive it in the south of Houston (coastal) area regardless of summer ambients. Admittedly I'm not on the interstate heating the battery up to extreme end of the temp bar. I think it's those sustained 70+mph runs that take the battery into the red zone?
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    ELM327-type OBD Bluetooth devices for Android Apps

    I don't know about LeafSpy/OBDlink, but I personally believe they (OBDlink) they offer really good quality adapters. I have the MX+ in the truck, and use the EX (hardwired) for flashing/programming modules. On the Leaf I just threw on a cheap Kiwi that I already owned and discovered LeafSpy...
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    Will I be able to use Leaf Spy Pro to...

    Put a good charged 12V in, launch LeafSpy, and harvest away! Who knows what you will see? I'd check for codes, screenshot them, clear them, then try to charge the car L2.
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    That's strange considering the miles to VLBW at 3.2miles per kwh is functioning properly.
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    Nissan's Broken Promise

    Ahhh the risks of being an early adopter of BEV. I know that the folks who have had multiple BEVs, or have been driving them for several years, wouldn't feel like it's still early adopter era. But honestly, it still is. It's a ~2% of the population still, here in the good Ole ICE USA? :)...
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    Leafspy - Efficiency

    I opened my LeafSpy to look for what you describe and honestly can't find anything. But then I'm not sure what the "main" screen is either. Sorry.
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    Battery life question

    I don't know if anyone can reliably predict. Nor do I think an extended warranty would address the elephant in the room. (HV battery) Would be far more comforting to get a scan of the car with LeafSpy though. I purchased a used single owner 2018 a few months ago. 18,000 miles. LeafSpy scan...
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    Suddenly losing range

    74 miles driven 65 miles to empty Ambient temp 12C/53F A total of ~140 miles combined Far from what I would consider alarming, even for a brand new 40KWH battery I doubt 160 miles was ever realistic. Doesn't Nissan publish it as 150?
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    Nissan Connect subscription?

    I'm located in a very rural area, but with a healthy AT&T cellular presence. I'm guessing the Leaf is ATT in USA? I also have an F150 Powerboost (Hybrid) that relies on AT&T LTE for OverTheAir updates. It has succeeded for the 2 years that I've owned it. Yeah, I'm lucky in both instances...
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    That's strange since the Play Store should have the previous purchase as part of the original transaction. Are you using the same Google account as you were when you first downloaded the app?
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    Which is?
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    Leaf Spy and Leaf Spy Pro

    What version are you running? Here's the current version I'm running on my Android. I don't have a 2021, but a 2018. I assume the 2018/2023 have similar OBD functionality?
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    Nissan Connect subscription?

    Checking SOC and turning on climate control are the very 2 features that I depend on. I didn't know that yet when I acquired my 2018 last year, so I signed up for the full boat subscription. I have since ended the paid subscription and it has had no impact on how I personally use the app. I...
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    Requesting opinions of my 2020 SV w/tech package

    If looking at a used Leaf, I would be very interested at looking at the cell voltage delta with the battery at a lower SOC. Below 30% at least. Below 20% even better. The screen would look like this: (and the delta is the value depicted as 17mv) Your hoping for the smallest delta possible...
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    Requesting opinions of my 2020 SV w/tech package

    That's not all the information that I would desire to see with LeafSpy, but the values harvested sound like a typical healthy Leaf. You don't need an IPhone to use LeafSpy. That I can assure you.