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    How Many Miles On Your Shocks?

    I'm at 68k on my original shocks and am not having any issues. I've certainly not been babying the car, either; I've never been one to shy away from speed bumps or washboard roads or potholes...
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    Nissan portable charger wall holster need one

    What does the new charger look like? I have a holster for the old EVSE that you'd be more than welcome to have if it would work..
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    ICEless in Seattle : Official Pacific NorthWest thread

    My invite stated the 14th as well for Seattle.. Signed up and eager to go as it'll be my first chance to see an '18 in the flesh.
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    Any other 6 year owners out there?

    LEAF #225 hit 6 years this past January with nary a glimpse in the rear-view mirror as it just kept rolling along.. New tires and wiper blades have been the only maintenance issues in 51,000 miles, though I wouldn't doubt that I'll lose my third bar sometime this year. Then again, my daily...
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    Pirelli P7 Cinturato All-Season Plus Tire Review

    After having traveled over 6,000 miles on these tires, I figured it was time for me to put up my 2 cents worth about them so that others could benefit from my experience in case they were considering purchasing a set. A quick note before we begin: I bought these tires as a LRR option with a...
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    How much do tires effect range?

    Definitely! I dropped from 4.4miles/kWh to 3.8 when I first installed my new set of "low rolling resistance" tires. Full review forthcoming...
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    Leaking master brake cylinder, 2011 Nissan LEAF

    No such problem on my 2011 w/ 42K miles. Mine is going in for its service appointment this Friday and I've been wondering if I should get the brake fluid swapped out or not. I'm thinking I will this time (for the first time in 5 years), but maybe I shouldn't since I wouldn't want them to mess...
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    LEAF-branded Flip Video Camcorder - 4GB - $60 Delivered

    Brand new in opened packaging, a Nissan Leaf branded Flip camcorder. Comes complete with new AA batteries and a mini-tripod. I received this item a few years back as payment for helping out with a LEAF ownership blog, but after more than 3 years of having it sit in the glovebox just in case I...
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    Ginger #225 is turning 5!!

    OK, so the title is actually a little dated.. Ginger officially turned 5 last month (November), but she didn't come home with us until a couple of months later (January) so I figured we'd split the difference. Like any 5 year old girl, Ginger got herself a new pair of shoes as well as a bit of...
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    Battery-electric bus discussion

    Our local transit agency (King County - Metro Transit) is going to be trying out a few of the fast-charge Proterras with the first one set to arrive before the end of this year. Benefits of the quick-charge buses as I see them include: a) Less weight - Heavy buses tear up the pavement not only...
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    Will ANY 2011/2012 LEAFs still have 80% capacity at 5 years?

    I'll be able to answer this question for sure in 5 more months, but my 2011 (made in 2010) is certainly looking like it could hit the 80%/5 year threshold. I'm looking at roughly 84% on the battery right now with roughly half of our summer over with. Admittedly, this is for a Pacific Northwest...
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    How many MY2011s still have 12 capacity bars?

    Mine just lost its 12th bar within the last 30 days: LEAF #225 bought new in Seattle 1/2011 35K miles Sorry I don't have the rest of the data; I don't have the car or LeafSpy handy right now..
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    Capacity Loss on 2011-2012 LEAFs

    Leaf #225 lost it's first bar after 50 months and 35,300 miles of travel. I think I'm still on track to have a 40 mile range (my commute distance) by the time I retire in another 16 years or so...
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    4 Years and 34K Miles: An Optimistic Tale of PNW Ownership

    So "Ginger" is finally turning 4 years old this week. Actually, I suppose she really turned 4 back in December according to her production date, but LEAF #225 was brought home for the first time 4 years ago this week. During that intervening time, she's covered almost 34,000 trouble-free miles...
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    My insurance company has a hybrid vehicle discount

    The Hartford (AARP) is another insurance company that has offered a hybrid discount for years, but has so far been unable/unwilling to come out with an EV discount.
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    2011 Regeneration not working properly or at all

    My car hasn't lost any capacity bars yet (it's close!), but mine still shows the same overall lack of regen since the update. With the temps outside hovering around 40ºF, I regularly see only one or two regen bubbles even when I'm down to 20%SOC.
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    Ecopia EP422 tires suck

    I'm at 32K and have tons of tread left in the middle of my Ecopias. Shoulder tread, on the other hand, is showing appreciable wear, likely due to my "spirited" driving around corners and freeway cloverleafs. My tires have been rotated 4 times in the past (almost) 4 years, the most recent time...
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    My user name should say it all

    In addition to the "100 mile range" sales pitch (perhaps a misunderstanding what "MPGe" refers to?), I've also been hearing a lot of recent shoppers who have been told that upgrading to the 6.6kW charger will make the car charge twice as fast when plugged into the included L1 charger. After a...
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    ICEless in Seattle : Official Pacific NorthWest thread

    Just got back from a trip to the Oregon coast where there was a surprising surplus of L2 and QC chargers along with an equally surprising dearth of EVs making use of them (actually, we didn't see a single one in Oregon, not even around Portland). Makes me wonder why we couldn't get just a few...
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    concerned about range on used 2011 Leaf

    Unless you can also trickle charge at work, I don't think you'd be wanting to look at any of the Leafs, used or otherwise. Though a car with decent batteries could do 70 miles, especially if you keep your speed low and don't have to use much heat or A/C, you'd be pushing those batteries to the...