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  1. J

    Wrong approach to charging infrastructure

    What on earth does all that say! What is 14-50R, the OEM EVSE, +1! I do agree with marshallinwash though.
  2. J

    Central console start-up view - is it configurable?

    Finnish Coffee, Please be more specific, what button? My car is 2014 not 2024 so may be different.
  3. J

    Central console start-up view - is it configurable?

    Carwings was discontinued on April fools day for 2014 cars.
  4. J

    Vehicle to Home

    I have searched the internet and have not yet found anyone who will install a two way charger. I have read that my 2014 leaf is able to do this. Has anyone any experience of a two way charger, they may be available in US but I am in UK. I have come across a company that has run trials in UK but...
  5. J

    Central console start-up view - is it configurable?

    Am I confusing carwings with EV connect?
  6. J

    Central console start-up view - is it configurable?

    Neal, you mention the initial pop up nag screen which asks to confirm or decline telematics. This is my biggest bug bear of my 2014 TEKNA. Does anyone know how to get rid of it as it is now useless with no way to connect the car to Nissan that I can find. I have only had the car for two weeks...
  7. J

    Hello from Wales

    Hello Marceline, I only got my 2014 Tekna this week and like you I live in North Wales. I also used to comute to Manchester but am now retired. I still have not found a reasonable insurance quote, can you help? I part exchanged my 275bhp Jaguar XF but insurance is cheaper than for this old leaf.
  8. J

    Considering 2013 Leaf

    As I have said to previous potential leaf owners. Check out how much it will cost to insure. My experience in the UK is that it is very expensive. Not just hundreds but thousands of pounds
  9. J

    2017 Leaf tekna I need an advice

    My 2014 leaf arrives today. Please check insurance costs before buying. Mine is costing much more than my replaced Jaguar, so, a leaf is not cheap to own, looking forward to the challenges ahead. Also factor in a home charger.
  10. J

    Considering a 2015 Leaf S

    I do not get my 10 year old leaf until tomorrow. Insurance is the biggest issue. The car is only worth less than £5,000 so why are insurance companies making such an issue about repair costs. It will never cost them more than the write off cost. I have part exchanged my 275hp Jaguar and...