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    Engine bay underside tray bolts missing

    ...and in case anyone's interested, I've just taken a photo of the damage (attached). This shows the front end of the underbody tray, and as you can see, there are two bolts missing, and the resulting vibration of the tray against the underbody has worn away the front end of the tray so now...
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    Engine bay underside tray bolts missing

    Thanks Drew21, that's very helpful. I've checked the service details from the garage and they say that on 4 April this year they checked/topped up the transmission fluid and checked the underbody condition. So either they checked the transmission fluid but didn't replace the underbody tray...
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    Engine bay underside tray bolts missing

    First time here, with a technical query. We have a Leaf Tekna 110kW 40kWh 150 BHP, 2019 model which my wife drives. Yesterday she was alarmed to hear a rattling / banging noise coming from underneath, and on inspection it turns out that 4 or 5 bolts are missing from the engine bay underside...