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    30 AMPs???

    Mitch672, that was just another of the conjectures on this forum. There is no reason to consider that anything other than wishful thinking.
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    Nissan LEAF Home Assessment Feedback email

    I got it. I've answered their surveys in the past, but as mentioned, being part of the EVProject - this survey makes no sense. I didn't respond to it. I wasn't happy with the entire concept of needing an assessment. But that wasn't one of the questions. :lol:
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    Most common LEAF service issue in first 3 yrs

    indyflick, there is such empirical data available. Just nobody posting it here. Besides the normal fluids and tire rotation, there were 5 things that happened to some RAVs. 1) Aux battery not strong enough - caused lots of phantom problems. 2) Air conditioner/heat exchanger - vibrated a...
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    Nissan's possible alternative to cure range neurosis

    On the "free rental", it is also a perk, not just a "range anxiety" fix. We rent a minvan three times every year to go 120 miles (twice) and 300 miles (once). We need to carry a lot of gear for these three trips, neither of our sedans holds enough. So, although my 16 mile R/T commute brings...
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    Have the True Early Adopters ordered?

    I'm afraid Jimmy is right, Leon. Most of us feel like we have "promised" to buy the LEAF, even though there is no commitment. Salespeople and non-salespeople really do have a different view of the world. ;)
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    2011, 2012 Nissan Leaf Leasing Information

    Question: You can get financing anywhere... is NMAC the only way to lease the LEAF?
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    LEAF is NOT based on the Versa!

    I haven't seen anyone think the LEAF was based on the Versa. :?: The mule was based on the Versa, not the same thing at all.
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    $5000 EV Rebate Workshop October 4, 2010

    More along the lines of Boomer23's response. 1) The rebate money is reserved to you as soon as you hit the submit key on the online application. 2) If you submit your request prior to signing your contract they will throw out the request. 3) Once thrown out you could re-apply and find the money...
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    LEAF Photoshop Fun

    I want that red convertible. :lol: Thanks, cashu2!
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    LEAF Photoshop Fun

    IndyFlik and cashu2, thanks much, those are great! Convertibles are usually two doors for the extra structural stiffness they lose when the top comes off. And then the doors are a bit longer to allow access to the back seat. Can you make a two door convertible (and maybe put a little space...
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    Ambassador program

    Good idea, but so far Nissan is clearly doing the exact opposite (ref Gavin here). They do not want any Leafs in non-rollout areas, thinking the impression given to all those people you mention will be the wrong impression if anything goes wrong. They seem to fear the non-existent potential...
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    Rear-mounted J1772 port (and range-extending trailer option)

    No, that's not the American way! First you buy it brand new, then you start customizing it right away! Besides, most on here haven't been on other EV forums for years. Much of this is brand new to them. Let them have fun. ;)
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    Rear-mounted J1772 port (and range-extending trailer option)

    But the idea is to have Nissan provide the connections. No worries about voiding warranty, nothing invasive.
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    Leaf from Japan $$

    50,000 (estimated Japan production before Tennesse comes on line) is hardly "limited production". I expect the "newer, better" to be valued higher than the Gen1 Leafs.
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    Rear-mounted J1772 port (and range-extending trailer option)

    evnow, check the link for the Long Ranger at Darell's website. The trailer/generator does not go into the "charger input" connection, it feeds directly into the "regen" circuit. That can be used while driving and has a high enough limit to allow for faster then 3.3 charging.
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    Vanity License Plates ideas???

    Hah!, Nope, the future is gravity waves! Get in on the ground floor now - I'm selling options. :lol:
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    SoCal Branch LEAF Gathering - Our First Year

    I figure it will be like doctor appointments - your appointment time slips later and later as the day goes on. So I took a first slot. :D And, sorry, but I won't be getting out of the car, so some of the later appointments are going to have to cancel... :P
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    December delivery

    50%!! :o I was counting on at least doubling my money! :lol:
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    Mossy Nissan Kearny Mesa Matches any Local Leaf Offers

    Leon, under normal conditions I always rent a vehicle I am considering purchasing. When I was shopping for a convertible I took a Miata with sport suspension up to Lake Arrowhead. Terrific fun in the twisty mountain roads, but horrible for every day driving on the freeway. That short...
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    SoCal Branch LEAF Gathering - Our First Year

    Jimmydreams, my test drive is Oct 16 at 8:00. See you there? (I won't make So Cal Meet #2 either)