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    13-17 Leaf S Radio Install Guide

    Interressting. Do i have to take the mic signal from the trunc, or is there any short cut so i don't have to move the back seat? To get the 2 phone buttons on the steering wheel working, i connected this to the plug in the trunk: Axxess AX-NIS32BT Instead of the AX-NIS32BT, i see chumpp is just...
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    Front window Wiper motor going out?

    Is there any chance that these will fit? Car Vehicle Window Wiper Regulator Carbon Brush Copper Brushes (Size:3*6*14mm) Nissan Model: Tiida
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    2015 Nissan Leaf S radio replacement: Everything works without cutting.

    Is the Steering Wheel Control Adapter needed? I switched to an aftermarket radio without buying any Steering Wheel Control Adapter, and the audio controlls on the steering wheel are working fine on the 2014 S for volume and switching channels. I can map the buttons to any functions on the head...
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    13-17 Leaf S Radio Install Guide

    I just install an aftermarket Android head unit, called SilverStrong 707x5 for Nissan, in a 2014 Leaf S. Whats worked out of the box: The unit was equiped with one connector for the fm antenna, and the 20pin connector for power and speakers etc. These connectors seems to be standard, when...
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    BMS wanted for 2012 Leaf Type B battery

    Looking for this BMS: 293A0-3NA3A
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    How to find the age of the battery

    We just bought a used Nissan Leaf, and I am sure the battery is replaced with a new battery. It is an Arizona car from Jan 2013 with 100% SOH and 22.6kwh. Is there any way to find out when the battery was swapped or the production date of the battery?
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    Where are the used 2014's Nissan Leafs?

    Congratulation with the car! You can find 2013 Leaf made in December 2013, like this one:**&SAUCI=RAA&SWO=2335806# You can find 2015 Leaf made in April 2014...
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    DC DC converter runs continously when car is off

    The Voltage is more than 14,5V when the DC DC converter is running. When i manage to stop the DC DC, the voltage is 13,16V and it goes slowly down to 12,6V. I tried another battery, but it did not help. I find this error code: B2902 4268CHARGER OBC Memory Error VC-91 Is there any memory chip...
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    DC DC converter runs continously when car is off

    We have a 2012 SL, that suffers from blue blink, when the car is off. -After 5 days of parking, i have lost about 10 kwh. -When i turn off the car, the DC DC starts after few seconds. -When i unplug AC-supply, the DC DC starts after few seconds. Workaround: -If i start the car, without pushing...
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    Expert Leaf needed

    How did this story end? The difference between Leafs from US and Leafs from Eu, is that Leaf in the US, has north american type approval, and Leafs in Eu has European type approval. There are diffent frequences on radio equipment. US cars use 315 Mhz for tpms and remote for garage etc, and eu...
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    For heaven sakes when will that 4th bar drop

    Yes, i think it is correct, that the criteria for battery replacement is 8 bars. It is confusing, since a lot of articles mention 70%:
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    How is 105 miles possible on a 2012 SL

    The car has history from IL. It is produced 11/11, and registered in 2013, reported at auction 02/16, and the pictures are fom august.**&SAUCI=GCAA&SWO=3061421#
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    When will Nissan provide battery upgrade program?

    The current NIssan battery exchange program is outdated: NIssan does not provide capacity upgrade. BMW do provide battery battery exchange with capacity upgrade. Renault do as well: A battery swap from 22kwh to 41 kwh for Renault Zoe, will cost 2500-3000€
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    2012 Nissan leaf / How soon will drop 1 battery bar?

    If the state of health is under 66,25% for 2 months, you will go down to 8 bars. SOH can go up and down. When you quick charge, the SOH will typical go up. Short term. QC might also make high temperature, that will make the battery poor, long term. If you have lost 3 bars, the soh has been...
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    For heaven sakes when will that 4th bar drop

    You loose the 3rd bar, when SOH is under 72,5% for 2 months. You loose the 4th bar, when SOH is under 66,25% for 2 months. If you are waiting for the 4th bar: SOH might go up and down. When you QC, SOH might go up, and the 2...
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    Will battery be fixed or replaced by the 2013 capacity warranty?

    At the original capacity warranty, Nissan promised just to fix batteries, and replace cells, to keep the capacity over 70% For the 2011 and 2012, they made a change, and promised not to fix old batteries, but instead replace them with new batteries of the newest technology. How is the 2013...
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    2011 LEAF SV w/ 76% SOH Battery

    I would never buy a 2011 SV with 76% SOH: -The battery is to poor. The drive range will be short, and remaining lifetime might be short. -The car has no QC port. -The 2011 was sold without CWP in many states. I guess you have to pay for a new battery soon, with such car. The 2012 has...
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    12+12 bars and range of 19 miles

    Here is a car from a Nissan-dealer i New Mexico with 12 capacity bars, 12 charging bars, and 19 miles of range: The car just disappeared from the website of the store, but not from other websites...
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    Wholesale value of the 2013 Leaf @Auction-March '18

    I think the prices of 2012 Leaf where high i November, but now they have dropped back to normal: Above Average Below Sale Price $8,200.00 $6,145.00 $3,000.00 Odometer 88,730 28,995 5,695 Total Sold All 100 Earliest - Latest Date 01/27/2016 — 02/03/2016
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    not even a new leafer , its new in the whole country

    The battery of 2012 is not lasting in hot climate. Battery temperature over 35Celcius is not good. Pls. keep the car in the shade in summertime, and keep the battery not too hot: Hi voltage combined with high temperature is destroying the...