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    iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

    I didn't get a owners manual but this is an X model... with the big head unit, cruise control etc... Do make Leafs with out TPS? I thought that would be needed for other things? This car does have a collision detection feature that beeps at you if you about to hit something...
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    iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

    Hello, I've got a 3016 Japanese market LEAF and I've been using LeafSpy for a while, but I've never been able to get it to read the tire pressures. I have switch the 'use alternate method' setting off and on a few times with no result... Thanks,
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    Can LeafSpy replace the Nissan Head Unit? Feature Request/Suggestion...

    I was wondering if it might be possible to have LeafSpy access some of the other CAM bus settings. Specifically the charge and climate timers… I live in New Zealand and Nissan does not officially sell the Leaf here, so all of our cars are 2nd hand imports/ex leases. The cars are great, but...
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    iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

    I'm having trouble finding an adaptor where I live. Can anyone tell me if this one would work with iOS?: Model: Konnwei KW902 Bluetooth