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    100K service for 2011 leaf

    Hey all, Does anyone have any experience on needed service for our Leaf's.. I've had a 2011 for 100k miles, and pretty much I've only ever done the brakefluid change (because a sensor was going off from the fluid getting chunky). I called up Nissan and they say gear reduction oil...
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    Looking for independent auto service for 100K mile 2011 Leaf

    Unfortunately that's a chain. I called up Nissan service and they quoted me $900 to do 100K service. The car is only worth $2K...
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    Looking for independent auto service for 100K mile 2011 Leaf

    Hello, I'm trying to find an independent auto servicer for my 2011 100K mile Leaf. Starting to hear a lot of squeaking in the car (shocks). I've never really brought the car in for service, and have just been changing tires, and brake fluid (as it got chunky about mid way through). Everything...
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    Required services

    Hi all, I've had a Leaf since 2011, and just lost my 4th bar (56000 miles). The dealership did the diagnostic check and I qualified for a new battery (whoo hoo!) At the same time as telling me this, they said I was behind on services. They said my transmission fluid (or maybe they said...
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    Who owns these cars?

    I was less the technology (although it's pretty impressive) and more the economics and practicality of it. $10,000 in tax credits ($7500 feds, $2500 from state of CA) $14,400 in saved fuel costs (was spending $250 a month on gas, and electric bill only went up $50, so net $200 savings) 3 years...
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    How to shut off shutdown sound and charging while parked

    2 part question: 1) I was wondering if there's a way to turn off the shutdown sound. The reason I'm asking is that I have a newborn, and she'll fall asleep in the car when i'm driving, but when I power down the car the shutdown sound can wake/stir her up. 2) Semi-related, I drove up to an L2...
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    Green vs White CA HOV/CAV sticker

    I was curious as to what the difference was going to be with regard to the Green vs White stickers. Would a LEAF be elgible for the Green Sticker? Would the expiration of each be different? I got my White stickers in the mail this week, and if the LEAF is elgible for the Green sticker, should...
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    Available now? LA? Home required? What is Orphan process?

    It is not required to have a 240V evse installed in your house. I've been charging with the 120V evse that comes with the car since day one. I bought an orphan from Power Nissan of Southbay. I don't know about lease's but buying was like buying any other car. As for your parking situation...
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    (Un)Official Mitsubishi (Cypress, CA) L3 Scheduling Thread

    No, I just drove up and plugged in. does the receptionist need to turn it on? I had used the L2's before and they worked without having to tell anyone, so I figured it was the same.
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    (Un)Official Mitsubishi (Cypress, CA) L3 Scheduling Thread

    Has anybody been to Mitsubishi lately for quick charging? I went last Thursday at 3:30pm and the eaton was unlocked but was not on. I was bummed, as I got off work early for once and really wanted to try it.
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    Nissan's Included L1 (120v) EVSE

    All, Anyone know what happens if you unplug the EVSE from the wall prior to unplugging from the LEAF? Another variable is 1) while it's charging 2) after it's done charging. Jeff
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    Nissan's Included L1 (120v) EVSE

    Could you elaborate more on the "red box" I'm planning on doing something similar, but didn't see those posts (did a search just now and nothing came up). Thanks, Jeff
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    Newbie question on 110v charging

    For those using the 110V charger solely, are you guys unplugging it after every charge? or do you guys just leave it plugged into the wall? Not sure what is best in terms of reliability of the part. I charge outside, but would rather not unplug it every day.
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    Nissan's Included L1 (120v) EVSE

    Hello all, Just got my leaf this past weekend and have been solely using the L1 EVSE. I'm thinking it's sufficient for my needs, and was wondering if it's 1)better to leave it plugged in at all times even when not in use 2)unplug when not in use 3)install a switch that can kill the power to...