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    2018 Leaf SOH after 1-year and RapidGate software update

    After 1 year from purchase and a little over 10,200 miles, SOH is 94.67%. I recorded this from mid-July (1-year anniversary of purchase date) so I'm late posting this. Approx 30 QCs. Most of the rest is split between 240v charging and trickle charge. Note that manufacture date is early March...
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    Rapidgate fixed in Europe

    Just wanted to add I voiced my complaint on this. The articles indicate May 9, 2018 is the cutoff on when new cars had the update installed and my mfr date is shortly before that. Also good idea to mention that their cost/benefit calculation might not consider how this impacts reputation and...
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    Question on LeafSpy SOH results for 2018 Leaf with 5200 miles

    Update: Previously I reported a SOH drop from 96.96 to 96.90 over 1200 miles. Now after a week and about 150 miles I plugged in the odb-ii and Leafspy reported a sudden drop to 96.60. I unplugged it and restarted car and it read 96.54. Next morning it was down to 96.38. It's been 3 days and 30...
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    Question on LeafSpy SOH results for 2018 Leaf with 5200 miles

    Good points. June purchase in mild climate so outdoor heat probably not a big issue. Not sure of mfr date (odometer like 10 miles so few test drives) but the dealer seemed to always have the Leafs near 100% charge, presumably to hand them off to customer at 100%. Violates tip of not charging...
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    Question on LeafSpy SOH results for 2018 Leaf with 5200 miles

    Purchased June, 2018. Current SoH: 96.90% Odometer: ~ 5200 miles Here's what's odd: I acquired an ODB-II connector approximately 5 weeks ago. At the time, Odometer was around 4200 miles with 96.96% SOH. So that indicates only a 0.06% degradation in 1000 miles of recent driving, which included a...