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    Tire time! What’s eveyone using?

    My 2023 SV+ came with brand new Yokohama Avid Ascend gt tires. I'd rate them A- for ride comfort and low noise, but C- for grip. Maybe I'm just used to sports cars with excellent tires and super tight suspension but it's very easy to find the limits of traction in my Leaf. The tires don't do...
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    Level 1 charger question

    Thanks. I'm new to the whole forum thing. I'll find that button
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    Can you use a 2000W inverter for powering tools?

    Well, this is outside my personal knowledge. What I do know is when wires start to get hot something is wrong. As quoted, the setup described above makes a 4 gauge wire get hot. It takes a fair bit of current to do that. If I found that situation I would immediately stop and reassess the circuit.
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    Vehicle For Sale Solar Powered Nissan Leaf for sale

    Wow.... just Wow! I'm sure it's wildly impractical, but what an awesome demonstration of potential. I suspect any sufficiently motivated automobile manufacturer could integrate enough solar cells into an EV to provide a meaningful range boost in sunny climates, even when the car is moving. We...
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    Level 1 charger question

    I should have written "NFPA 70 2023 Section 210.21 (B)(1)" Typo.
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    Level 1 charger question

    I just found this and it applies: NFPA 2023 Section 210.21 (B)(1) reads: “Cord and Plug Connected Equipment Not Fastened In Place. The rating of any one cord-and-plug connected utilization equipment not fastened in place shall not exceed 80 percent of the branch-circuit ampere rating.” That...
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    Forum to discuss engineering aspects of EVs, electrical circuits, application of theory, codes-and-standards, and best practices?

    Don’t know where else to post this… I’m new here and new to forums in general. I don’t pretend to be an expert in EVs or electrical theory, let alone best practices, but 20+ years as a working engineer have taught me enough to make me humble. I have a good bit of theoretical and practical...
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    Can you use a 2000W inverter for powering tools?

    If I really had to run fairly heavy-duty 120V power tools from the Leaf on a daily basis then MikeinPA's solution is the way to go. However, it will be quite costly to properly install and heavy enough to reduce your driving range a little bit. As much as I dislike gasoline generators, that's...
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    Value of Leaf

    I'm not speaking from personal experience here, but I agree it's probably hard to pin down the value of any older Leaf because there just aren't many on the market. I have bought, driven and fixed quite a few old, used gasoline cars. Generally speaking, I can inspect an 11 year old $4100 gas car...
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    Can you use a 2000W inverter for powering tools?

    I think you'd run into difficulty trying to run a vacuum or a chop saw that way for any length of time. I have discovered that modern rechargeable battery powered tools like DeWalt, Milwaukee, etc. do a surprisingly good job. You could easily charge a spare tool battery from a much smaller...
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    Level 1 charger question

    Thanks for your reply. Let's not start some off-topic technical discussion about what Ohm's law really implies or about the details of wiring here. Is there a better forum for that somewhere? I'm still new here and haven't looked around much.
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    Former 2011 Leaf owner now 2018 Leaf owner considering extended warranty

    I'd skip the extended warranty and bank the monetary savings for another car in the future. In the meantime, focus on keeping the car reasonably cleaned and maintained. There's a lot of basic maintenance you can accomplish with very basic tools and very little money, even on and EV. It's a very...
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    Trying to decide which used Leaf to buy

    I would buy the newest one you can afford, as long as it has the 62KWH battery. In your position, I would save up for a 2019+ model, especially if the Corolla still runs well. Like you, I keep my gasoline cars well past the 200,000 mile mark. I doubt most Leafs (Leaves?) will reach that, but I...
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    Level 1 charger question

    I have some experience with codes and standards. The relevant code here is NFPA 70 aka the National Electrical Code (NEC). You can read it for free online. Section 210.19(A) states that a circuit has to be sized for at least 125% of its continuous load. Section 100 defines “continuous” as 3...
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    Hello World, New (to me) Leaf owner as of April 2024

    Greetings, In April I bought a used 2023 Leaf SV+ with 35K miles on the clock. The relatively high mileage worried me a little but everything else checked out and the price was right so I took the plunge. So far I couldn't be happier with the car. She's nowhere near as cool looking as my...