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    Anybody with 2011 or 2012 interested in upgrade to new battery?

    I have the same experience with my recently "totaled" (front body damage) 2011 SL. Insurance offered me very little for my loss. However, I have the salvage 2011 Leaf with a relatively new battery (installed oct 2015 with about 8k miles). I would be willing to sell it to someone for...
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    experiences Buying Salvage 2015 for the battery, how part out remains?

    I have a "crashed" 2011 Leaf with a new battery that was installed last November under warranty (has 8k miles on it), that I would be interested in selling. Any thoughts on what it would be worth. Front/side damage is mostly to aluminum body, but sensors in the car don't allow it to drive...
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    Total Leaf with New Battery

    I have a dilemma. My 2011 Leaf SL was in an auto accident and was deemed "totaled" by the insurance company since there was front and side body damage, and the side airbag and driver's seat airbag deployed. They have offered to sell me the "salvaged" car and I'm wondering if I should take it...
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    Next San Diego EVent: Sat, Aug 9, 2014, CANCELLED

    Just a few of questions: 1. Is that L3 Charger in Santa Ysabel working yet? 2. What's the cost of using the L3 Charger in Santa Ysabel? 3. Have we confirmed that the San Juan Capistrano L3 from Evoasis is working? 4. What's the cost of using the San Juan Capistrano L3?
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    Blink membership plans & fees (Warning : new RPA required)

    I already have a Blink card that I have used once or twice. Does this mean that if I do nothing, at some point my Blink card will not work? Will I have to sign up for some level of service and provide credit card information?