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    I got tired of waiting for my EV, and bought a used Leaf Plus

    Hopefully you didn't take the Fisker Ocean. Reviews have been bad and they went bankrupt.
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    Official Fisker Ocean topic

    "Fisker asks bankruptcy court to sell its EVs at average of $14,000 each"
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    Got my CCS1 -> CHAdeMO adapter in the mail. A few pictures.

    The pic is of a unit from Tritium like and Would be interesting to DC FC on at least non-EVgo ABB, Signet "v1" and "v2", EA BTC Power and some non-EA BTC Power (there...
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    Got my CCS1 -> CHAdeMO adapter in the mail. A few pictures.

    That's one of their next gen dispensers which could be from SK Signet or BTC Power. Not sure if the charger cabinets (behind a fence) can come from the other maker or must be matched w/the dispenser. EA had 4 vendors and prior to next gen, had two different versions of Signet. See...
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    retail death watch

    "Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Parent of Redbox, Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Disclosing Nearly $1 Billion in Debt"
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    auto industry discussion
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    Autonomous Vehicles, LEAF and others...
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    Star Trek fan films

    Someone posted "Modern Trailer for Star Trek Generations, originally released in 1994." in a Picard FB group. I'd not seen it before but it's apparently 3 years old. It's quite well done.
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    Tesla's autopilot, on the road

    “Officer Dodges Tesla On Autopilot, Which Then Crashes Into Police Cruiser The officer was blocking traffic because of a serious accident further up the road.”
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    people getting rid of their Leafs/EVs/PHEVs and going back to ICEVs
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    Is the battery better in 2013 Leafs?

    Minor mistake: Did you mean 2016-2017? It was on '16 SV, '16 SL and later the '16 "S 30" + all '17.
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    Tesla Destination EVSE and J1772 adapter

    I think I saw your post in a Leaf FB group. I doubt a bad adapter would cause TCU problems but if the feed is 277 volts, that might cause problems for Leaf. Any way you can contact/talk to Tesla drivers who use those wall connectors? Their car and their app should show the voltage they're...
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    Finding charging stations

    I wouldn’t waste your time. Use Plugshare the app and web site. Also, download apps for the networks in your area for most accurate pricing info.
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    Annoying announcements!

    I never had a gen 2 Leaf but my former gen 1 had something like this. Try the information feeds settings at page 5-13 of You can DL '21 Leaf manuals from...
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    Tesla Destination EVSE and J1772 adapter

    Yep. Unfortunately, I don't have time to chime in but I've posted some info about the 3 gens of WCs, access control and other caveats before at the below:
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    USA CCS1 to ChaDeMo test…

    I doubt Watti Direct makes those units. They are likely rebadges of Phihong units: If you click on Products > EV Chargers, it takes you to I've had Phihong AC adapters from back in the late 1990s...
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    USA CCS1 to ChaDeMo test…

    Those look like they're from Freewire like or Unfortunately, the company may be nearing toast status (e.g. and...
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    USA CCS1 to ChaDeMo test…

    That's super non-specific. is using Tritium. is probably mostly or all BTC Power. You can see some units at
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    USA CCS1 to ChaDeMo test…

    Unfortunately, that's pretty non-specific. EVgo uses stations from at least these vendors: Delta, Efacec (maybe not any more), BTC Power and Signet. From for Electrify America: "We mostly talked about...