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    2012 not charging @120v, help a newbie?

    Is the timer button set--sounds like it might be waiting for the timer.
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    Not nearly long enough to charge the battery. Probably 24 hours or more depending upon the external charger device current, e.g. trickle charger, 1Amp charger, etc
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    LeafSpy vs Nissan Dealership Inspection

    Would it still be under warranty for the HV battery pack? It is worth looking at the age and condition of the 12V battery--an old, weak or worn out 12V can cause a multitude of false issues, including faults that cause the dealerships to condemn the HV battery pack. If the pack was really 100%...
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    It always helps to know the model year of the vehicle when troubleshooting problems. For the early models, the dc/dc converter is inside the High Voltage Junction Box, HVJB, that is located under the hood between the firewall and the motor. The function of the dc/dc is to recharge the 12V...
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    Traction Motor Resolver Ohms wrong - Change?

    Great job on troubleshooting and repair of the resolver, and thanks for sharing your findings.
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    Love to help save the earth

    On a 2012 mitsubishi i was able to expose the HV DC of the internal battery at the 9.5mm sockets of the Chademo connector using 2 jumper wires. But that car only requires that the dcqc contactors engage to access the pack. On the nissan laef it will require activation of the main contactors...
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    Feedback through the cigarette/12v receptacle on my 2022 Leaf

    The voltage of the power bank is only 5V.
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    Traction Motor Resolver Ohms wrong - Change?

    Did you also do the checks for resolver short to chassis, and short to other resolver wires? Resolver pinout 1 Sine + 2 Excitation In 3 Temperature1 4 Temperature2 5 Excitation 6 Cosine + 7 Cosine - 8 Sine - The resolver uses a variable reluctance 4-pole...
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    Using a timer to charge??

    @coulomb reported that pressing the trigger, the EVSE contactors stay engaged but that the charge current ramps to zero. Maybe different EVSE respond differently? Releasing the trigger and charging would resume.
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    Using a timer to charge??

    1440 Watts (about 2 hp) can cause havoc if not controlled regardless of the OBC capacity. Why try to find a reason to use a cut-off timer that has such a high risk, likelihood and consequences? What are the benefits that would negate or overwhelm these for you to still support this? The...
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    former race car builder, gasoline junky...... loves his leaf though

    HJ sure seems like an AI bot, very strange first post--you just made the ign list.
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    Using a timer to charge??

    Nissan engineers didn't design the OBC, the Nissan company bought them from Nichicon in Japan. Then later they bought the PDM (with DC/DC and OBC inside) from Panasonic. If an OBC fails and you have a schematic and can do some troubleshooting, then it might be possible to repair, if you can...
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    Using a timer to charge??

    Not really--when you press the release button to remove the J1772 handle it signals the OBC and it commands the charging current to zero. The OBC has a PFC chip that is monitoring the AC input cycle-by-cycle, and this might be able to safe the system in the event of an interruption, but it...
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    charging with 15 amp extension cords

    I^2 x R =~16W
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    2018 and newer: where is the J1772 handshake happening (296b1-5sa0a L1/L2 port harness thoughts)

    Replied in the other thread to your post; control lines indeed do go to the control board inside the PDM. You symptoms point to an open circuit on the AC input section of the PDM on-board charger. If you can get a reading of DTCs, if any, then it will indicate if there is a deeper component...
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    Diode in charging port cable? Diagnosing no charge condition 2013...

    The control lines are routed to the PDM thru the big black engine room harness entering at the round gray F23 connector pins 29 and 30 (passenger firewall in US). E25 at the regular charging port has the 2 control lines.
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    Accraine / Electway CCS1 -> CHAdeMo adapter

    from the 2019 Nissan LEAF Press Kit "In addition, thanks a standard new 100kW capacity quick charging system" So you got just one job--issue a press release. 1. Proof read it to make sure the grammar is correct. 2. Don't make false claims about DCQC.
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    charging with 15 amp extension cords

    It would be easy enough for those with the knowledge, skills, tools, and abilities to run a simple test to measure the voltage drop at the load of a coiled versus straight cord. Add more coils and watch the voltage drop even more. Wrap the coils around a steel or iron pipe and watch it drop...
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    former race car builder, gasoline junky...... loves his leaf though

    Gotta love that low-cost low-end torque--it never gets old jumping off the line at stoplights and beating muscle cars up to the speed limit. Mustang, camaro, charger, corvette, porsche, even cop cars--i've out dragged them all at my favorite 3-lane wide light. Sure IC engines make more power...
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    SHENZHEN FACTORY TECHNOLOGY battery packs- is it real?

    @noelho said: Noticed a lack of the pre-charge and main contactors, current sensor, plus the safety disconnect plug, in the upgrade version--maybe it wasn't completed yet? [edit: in the second video he mentions these will be added, so nevermind]