2011 leaf w/ 40kwh battery!

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Jun 10, 2024
Hi everyone, I’m a first time owner of a 2011 sv, 73k miles, 40kwh battery upgraded from evs enhanced kit. Battery currently at 90% SOH.

Hi Stanton, I could not agree more with your evaluation of these vintage Leafs! I bought a used 2012 SL in 2019 here in South Florida for $5000 from a generic car dealer. It had 28K on it. Its range on the GOM was only 35 miles, but the car looked (and still looks) new! I am its third owner. I researched for a year before I bought it intending to subscribe to the Pheonix system that was in development then. The worthwhile project failed to materialize. I replaced the battery at a nearby Nissan dealership for an OTD price of $4676.76 on June 8, 2020, having received a written quote. It's the most well-constructed car I've owned in 59 years of driving and the most fun to drive. I only charge in my garage with a Duosida portable EVSE that shares a 220 outlet with a clothes dryer. It amounts to a free car! I may replace the battery again with a 40 if the time comes and I'm still alive. Add LeafSpy and it has all the tech you could want. If yours is a two-car household, owning one of these is a no-brainer unless you have tons of money and love spending it. Very seldom does one need to travel more than 55 miles in a day.