2013 leaf. Need help choosing rims, tires and suspension

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Jun 11, 2021
I just got a 2013 Nissan leaf. Happy to find this community finally haven’t found much for the leaf so far.
Anyway I’m new to all this so forgive me if I’m asking the same questions somebody else is already asked.
I want to upgrade my rims and tires and suspension just a little bit nothing heavy duty. Not trying to race anybody. I don’t mind losing range a little bit for a little better handling.
Need size advice.
Was thinking 17” 7.5 45 (I think that’s right) for rims and 215x45x17 tires. And I have no idea what to get for suspension. As you can tell I’m new to all of this again forgive me for my ignorance but your advice is greatly appreciate it and I am learning and willing to learn more. I love the idea of it being lower just a tiny bit maybe half an inch to an inch with some tires and rims that make it look as cause I think it is already.
Any advice on suspension and size and brands for rims and tires?
Thank you all for your time!

The 2013 LEAF is objectively an unconventional looking car, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Personally, what your proposing is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig.

If you really have money to burn, you'll find all the wheel specs here:

IMHO, I wouldn't spend any $ on things like that. It's not like a '13 Leaf has much value to begin with.

If the car gets totaled, you might have trouble recovering much of the $ you put into it. If you want to sell, buyers may not want to pay any more for your vehicle vs. one unmodified. I wouldn't. In fact, it might even be a liability.

If you plan to sell via other means like Shift, you might have problems. From https://support.shift.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002477812-Does-Shift-factor-in-modifications-when-pricing-:
As a company policy, shift does not add value to vehicles for aftermarket modifications. Market research has shown that aftermarket components rarely have a positive impact on the vehicle’s value. Aftermarket components on a vehicle outside Shift’s standards will result in its disqualification. Aftermarket modifications related to the suspension, exhaust, wheels and tires, electronics and stereo, and engine modifications are active disqualifiers. Modifications to the exterior and interior of the vehicle have the potential to void the warranty on the car.
If you try getting an estimate from Carvana, it asks:
"Are there any modifications to your vehicle (e.g. suspension, engine, etc.)?"
I don’t plan on selling it I like it a lot because I don’t have to buy gas. I have a tricked out Toyota Tacoma as well. If anybody has more advice on what rims tires suspension I could put on it I would really appreciate it. Thank you to the gentleman who sent me the link for wheel specs I’m looking for more of that kind of information. So again if anybody has advice about what suspension tires and rims I could put on it to make it a little bit lower and handle a little bit better and look a lot cooler I would appreciate it.
I still recommend not wasting money on it. I can't speak to your use cases now, but eventually, you might find you want something w/more range esp. after the battery has degraded more or if you live in a cold climate (where it's below freezing and snowing).

At that point, you'd probably need to sell and would've been better off spending that mod $ on a longer range EV.

Too bad used Bolts (https://www.cars.com/for-sale/searchresults.action/?mdId=36274172&mkId=20053&page=1&perPage=20&rd=99999&searchSource=SORT&sort=price-lowest&stkTypId=28881&zc=00001, for example) have gone up several thousand in starting price. I think they were starting in the $12Ks a few months ago and someone else on Bolt group said in the $11K range.
If anybody’s in my position in the future here’s a link for suspension for a 2013 Nissan Leaf. I’m still working on getting the right size tires and rims to match the suspension when I do I will post it hopefully to help somebody in my position later.
These post threads should help you out:


Ok... whatever. What you mind mentioning what geographic area/metro area you're in?

If you're in a place where it hits below freezing and stays that way, you could have up a range loss of up to 50% in such weather. Just keep that in mind before you dump more $ into a car that might turn out to be of limited or no use in those conditions.

Without it, figure maybe 10% to 25-ish% range loss in cold weather w/rain on the ground.
Hey thanks Alozzy I appreciate that helpful info. Cwerdna could you stop posting your negative comments please Like everyone else I’m ignoring you from here on out your wasting your breath.

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ovirtdirt said:
Hey thanks Alozzy I appreciate that helpful info. Cwerdna could you stop posting your negative comments please Like everyone else I’m ignoring you from here on out your wasting your breath.

"Like everyone else"? Seems a bit presumptuous from someone who joined two days ago. Cwerdna posts a lot of useful info; just more pragmatic than what you're looking for in this case. Enjoy your LEAF
Not that this helps really w/sizes but the guys at https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15119812/the-nearly-10-g-nissan-leaf-getting-an-ev-to-grip-like-a-911-feature/ tried some different tires including ones that were almost racing slicks + removing most of the doors to do better on the skid pad. :lol:

You could be like them and https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1087975_electric-car-mystery-doorless-abandoned-nissan-leaf-in-palo-alto, driving around Leafs w/missing doors. ;)
How many bars on the battery condition gauge on the dash???? What is the range when you full charge it? This car may be impractical in the future due to low range as the battery degrades (and it will). It is uneconomical to replace the battery if it needs replacement (about $8000 parts and labor + tax).

Personally I would NOT put money into this car to make it custom.
Second 16" is better than 17 for energy efficiency. Rubber and air is lighter than metal rim. Un sprung mass (rims and tires) is a function of efficiency. Higher weight (big diameter rims) is lower efficiency, less ride comfort, higher chance of rim damage. Nothing good about it except looking cool.

Last but not least LEAFS handle VERY WELL stock (no suspension tricks needed) because of the LOW LOW CG. The battery is under the floor with about 50/50 distribution.

You can get high performance summer tires with soft compound. You will be able to get 1g on the skid pad just shy of a Porsche 911.

My advice is don't waste your money. You will never get your money back and put it in the bank or stock market or annuity fund. The $1000 you spend today be might be worth $10,000 when you retire if you invest it. If you want to save the planet buying rims and tires which is not necessary is a waste of resources and energy. I don't care what you do, It is up to you. good luck.