Vehicle For Sale 2013 Nissan Leaf S $6200 - Caramel with Tax Credit $4340 - Lorain, Ohio

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Jul 17, 2017

Late 2013 Nissan Leaf S - $4340 if purchased through Caramel - otherwise $6200. SEE DETAILS AT BOTTOM FOR PRICING DETAILS. Built in North Carolina. Great opportunity to own an affordable electric vehicle in terrific condition. Heated seats and leather wrapped heated steering wheel. Air conditioning. DC fast charge capable. Two 110 chargers - take one with you, leave one at home. Everything works. Never smoked in - smells fresh and clean.

Garage kept with minimum exposure to salt. No rust! Car is very clean! Seat covers have kept the originals in like new condition. Rubber floor mats have done the same for carpeted mats and floor carpeting. (Seat covers and mats removed for photos.) A couple of small dinks and scratches from me moving stuff around in the garage – Doh!

Late 2013 Nissan 24 kWh battery with improved chemistry rated in Exceptional condition – 11 bar capacity of 12 original (see photo of instrument panel). Over 90 miles on 100% full charge. Never left sitting at 100%. Usually, I only charge to 80% for over 70 miles range (see photos of instrument panel). Never run below 20%. I babied this battery. From east side of Lorain to Cedar Point and back from 100% to 20% charge running air conditioning one way on Lake Road at posted speed limits.

12 volt accessory battery has added port for trickle charging for better maintenance than standard Nissan programming (Look to right in picture of charge port). Drive battery charges at 5 miles/hour plugged into a 15amp 120volt outlet, providing plenty of miles during overnight charging for around town driving. At 6.5 cents/kwh times 24 kW (battery capacity) this equates to $1.56 to drive over 90 miles.

I added a Class 1 - 1 ¼” tow package used to pull my 600# sailboat for 3 miles to launch. Couldn’t tell it was hitched to car. Neat and tidy installation.

Exceptional value when compared to Nissan’s selling at dealer lots that are all shined up but with depleted batteries showing ranges less than 50 miles. Look at this link (cut and paste) for an example (picture 16):

Selling because I am buying a new Chevy Bolt EV. I enjoy driving EV’s – so simple and almost non-existent maintenance. I am also eligible for the $7500 New EV IRS Tax Credit at the point of sale.

$6200 purchase requires cash or personal check cleared at my bank before signing over title. We both have to be present to transfer the title – 5/3rd Bank on Broadway in Lorain. Those are owner transfer rules written on every Ohio Title. Or see below for purchase via Caramel and be eligible for 30% IRS Used EV Tax Credit applied at point of sale!

IMPORTANT! I have this car listed on Caramel where you can be eligible for the 30% off IRS Used EV Tax Credit that you can receive upfront off the price of this vehicle. This is not a joke or scam. Go to the following link and read the details (cut and paste).

You can also Google "Caramel" or email me to ask. I am not a representative of or pushing Caramel, it is just a way for the buyer to be eligible for the IRS Tax Credit and save some bucks. More details and answers to questions here:
and here:

If listing is up the car is available. Initial contact is through CL email or Caramel - use the link(s) provided.
I think a 80-90 mile range EV for $4000 is a great deal. I'd buy it if I hadn't already bought a 2022! You took good care of it, from what it looks!

P.S. Is it OK to put an EV in water? I never thought that through.
Yes, I took great care of this car, as I have done with all the cars I have owned - only 5 in my 70 years. I drove a Geo Metro for 27 years and sold it to a very satisfied customer.

Placing the back wheels of an electric vehicle in the water at a boat ramp is of no concern. The battery is in front of the rear axle and doesn't enter the water.