2016 sv with 80k

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What kind of shape is the battery in? If you don’t know download LeafSpy lite and buy a dongle to make it work. They work on all newer used cars so no matter what you wind up with it will be useful. Different apps for different cars but LeafSpy lite is free and it can tell you how unbalanced the battery is. It’s a phone app. Wish I knew about it when shopping for used leafs. Would have paid for the dongle then and there. Plus a bunch. One thing to remember is the batteries lose up to 50% of their power if it’s cold enough. Which means your range goes down. I have a 2019 sv that had 145 in the summer and 99 in the midst of a Minnesota winter. Commuting was fine in it on phase 1 (so a standard electric outlet) I didn’t have to plug it in every day in the summer but I did in the winter. It wasn’t a terribly long commute I would call it medium to short. YMMV. Warm is down to 137 now
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Have you checked blue book value? The market is pretty efficient on setting prices. The only thing different about buying a EV is that the battery is more sensitive to poor operation than a ICE. So you could be buying a battery that has worn beyond it's years. I agree about Leaf spy. Its a quick way to tell the real battery condition.

I bought a 2017 with 22,000 miles for US$10,000 from a dealer. Which I feel is a good deal. I think your 2016 with 80,000 miles is likely a fair deal. It's a good deal if it's 80000 km.