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Jul 6, 2019
Hi Folks,

I'm looking at buying one of these off a reputable dealer's lot for $19,800, It has 38,000 miles on it. The car is impeccably clearn, and is being sold as a certified vehicle. The question of course is the battery. They let me have it over night. I've fully charged the battery and it's charged up to 198 miles. The stated range new is 220. So on this basis it looks like 10% degredation, which seems OK, I think. I can't find anything like the bars that are in earlier models. Am I missing something?

I'm curious what others think about this range on a car of this age with this much use. I ordered a device to do LEAF spy, but I won't have it until Monday, and I need to return the car tomorrow.

I already own a 2015 LEAF which I obviously like very well. I'm not afraid of normal battery degredation. It's part of the game.

Thanks for your point of view.

What's the GOM if you turn off HVAC?
You might find you get well over the 200 mark.

It'd be much better if you could pull the readings from LeafSpy, just to make sure you have a good "balance" on the battery at a much lower SOC. (millivolt variation between weakest/strongest cell)

In my opinion, that's more important than some expected loss of battery range.